The scope for innovation to enhance life in the built environment has never been greater than it is today.
Damien Wu, Director of Business Transformation and Innovation - Chinachem Group

Transformation in action

Sixty years in business creates pathways we follow, often for reasons more to do with legacy than efficiency.  That’s why right now, we’re taking a close look at the way Chinachem operates, the impact we make, and the future we’re building for our colleagues, stakeholders, customers, and the city around us.

The term digital transformation is undeniably hot right now, and it plays a key role in how we are shaping Chinachem for the future.  But to us, it’s just one of a series of tools we are using in a larger effort to transform how we do business.

CEO, Donald Choi describes it in the following manner, “It’s not simply about taking paperwork and turning into a digitized form.  It’s rethinking our whole workflow.  Giving our colleagues an opportunity to get involved, allowing them freedom to decide how processes should be run.  We’re facing new market demands.  So we need to provide the support to help our people come up with the fresh ideas needed to be relevant and stay ahead.”

A significant initiative for the next three years is the development of a Group wide customer relationship management solution.  Technology yes, but more importantly, a powerful tool for our key frontline workers to enhance the way they take care of our tenants, customers, and guests.

Donald Choi, “We need to get our frontline workers involved, we need their buy in, because they’ll be engaging customers in new ways.  We want them to become owners of these new experiences, further promoting and advocating through their daily contact with our customers, so that these end users will also feel and understand what we are doing and where we are going.  All very much aligned with our purpose of creating shared value.”

Reflecting these shifts in emphasis, two divisions within the Group have been reformed to deliver the change that lies ahead.  Business Transformation and Innovation, led by Damien Wu, spearheads technology initiatives alongside the creation of new business opportunities.  And Sylvia Chung heads Business Impact, Branding and Marketing, advocating for the company’s culture, shaping the business narrative, and ensuring a consistent Chinachem voice throughout.  More details on these appointments can be found on the ‘Our people’ page.

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