• What makes us unique?

Always from the heart

Chinachem Group is more than simply a property developer. Yes, we build well designed, high quality homes and workplaces. But the motivation behind our value creation differs from most. We exist to make Hong Kong a better place to live, work, and raise its next generations. By being independent from public or family ownership, Chinachem enjoys the freedom to place social and environmental values on an equal footing to profit.

We call this balancing of people, prosperity and planet, our triple bottom line.



You are the reason we do what we do. People bring life to the homes we create and the workplaces we establish. They are the individual stories that make our communities special, and our city unique.

People matter to us.

guests welcomed by our hotel group in 2019
colleagues within the Chinachem Group
annual footfall to Nina Mall Tsuen Wan


Our sustainable investment into the fabric of Hong Kong generates the revenues we need to deliver on our future societal commitments.

Prosperity matters to us.

HK$38.4 billion
in sales revenues between 2018-2022
3,890,000 sqft
GFA in on-going and upcoming development
7,530,000 sqft
GFA in our current leasing portfolio


We’re all getting smarter when it comes to the environment. Remembering that the decisions we take when creating local might also have an impact on the global, ensures our impact is positive.

Planet matters to us.

6,117 tonnes
less carbon emitted, 2015-2019
151 tonnes
paper recycled in 2019
sustainability awards and accolades
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Delivering more, through balance

How a triple bottom line works

Our motivations differ from most; profit does not come first. Returns must be balanced alongside the needs of the community and the health of the environment.

By working to these values, we’ll not only create a healthier and more sustainable future, but also prove there’s an alternative and better way for our sector to function and flourish.

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