More than 3000 individuals contribute daily to the success of The Chinachem Group; it’s their commitment and enthusiasm that is the face and the voice of our business.   

The pandemic has not been easy; it’s been a challenging few years for every one of our colleagues, both in and out of the workplace.  Therefore, after the stresses and strains of trying to maintain business continuity, and our multiple periods of enforced working from home, Chinachem is more conscious than ever of the need to support our colleagues and their families.  That means we’re focusing on health and wellbeing more than ever, we’re developing and strengthening talent more than ever, and we’re giving back more than ever. 

Stories of the many things we’re doing in this area follow; we’d love you to take a little time to learn more. 

Our workplace, transformed

Our head office was designed decades ago, long before the wellbeing of employees was considered. So, with learnings from an extended period of working from home, Chinachem recently embarked on a comprehensive remodeling programme, to create an inspiring workplace that people would genuinely want to come to every day.

And the transformation has been striking. Significantly more user friendly and healthier, the environment features lush greenery, natural materials, social hubs, enhanced air quality, and much greater natural light, making it feel more like a home than a workplace.

Fostering future leaders

Worker safety

Safeguarding people

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