Despite there being no legal or compliance requirements for the Chinachem Group to undertake any formal ESG or environmental reporting, we’re crystal clear on the value of publicly benchmarking ourselves.

Sustainability can seem like an elusive goal; it is comprised of so many complex moving parts. Therefore, the insights that reporting delivers, greatly assists our business at all levels to refine and adjust operations to maximize the positive impact and improvements we seek. And our recently formed ESG team leverages this further, allowing us to drill into our business functions in even greater detail to identify potential gains.

Reporting also plays a major role in attracting talent and partners. Because it’s not just consumers that prefer sustainable brands, research shows that potential employees favor employers that are committed to tackling environmental and societal challenges. Living up to the promises and pledges we make is important to us, and reporting helps us tell that story to a wide audience.

Highlights from our latest report

Hong Kong’s zero-carbon chiller system at Nina Tower
In Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (“GRESB”) 2023
29 buildings
with BEAM Plus / LEED / WELL Certifications obtained
Reduction in 2022's carbon intensity from a 2020 base year
In green loans secured in FY2022/23 (HKD)

Putting sustainability into practice

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