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“We all know that doing business has its consequences on the world around us. That’s why my most important role as CEO of Chinachem, is to ensure our impact is always a positive one.”

Donald Choi, Executive Director and CEO - Chinachem Group

Introducing《LIFE+》Magazine Issue Autumn 2022

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The Chinachem Group is starting a journey of transformation. Our goal is to better reflect the needs and desires of the communities that surround us, make what we do more sustainable, protect our planet and ensure we always deliver positive impact to society.

To chart the right course, we must first recognise the problems that need to be solved. And understanding, starts with listening. Recently, CEO Donald Choi met with a number of people who shared with him their views on how residential life in Hong Kong could be improved. Young parents, first-time buyers, the elderly, and students all contributed their opinions. Donald also chatted with award-winning architect Ken Shuttleworth, on how innovation and smarter thinking could improve the built environment of Hong Kong.

The conversations have started.

Change is coming.

completed residential development projects since 1960
7,530,000 sqft
of property in our leasing portfolio
developments under our management (about 200 properties)
hotels rooms, suites and apartments under our management
HK$32 billion
in sales revenues between 2015-2019
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