With its roots in Latin, the word prosperity is a means of describing success.  And as we know from life, for success to be fulfilling, it must be multi-dimensional.  And likewise, success for the Chinachem Group is not defined by the figures that appear at the bottom of an annual balance sheet.  Both the results we seek, and the recipients we benefit, are multilateral. 

To arrive at our goal of bringing greater prosperity to the community that surrounds us, we are pursuing a number of strategies including, the deployment of sustainable investment, implementation and development of technology, and the close management of future risks. 

Stories of the many things we’re doing in this area follow; we’d love you to take a little time to learn more. 

Leading in smarter building techniques

Chinachem are pioneers in Hong Kong, utilising the significantly more sustainable technique of Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) in their Tonkin Street Redevelopment project, a first for the city. Pre-formed and fitted out in a factory, apartments are craned into position as complete units, with all the necessary services and infrastructure already in place.

This innovative approach offers significant on-site reductions in waste, noise, manpower, time, and therefore cost. And as efficiencies and greater levels of quality are be built in at the factory, end users enjoy a much more sustainable and affordable living environment.

Research and development

Our business diversification strategy

A greener way to finance

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