Good news, we’re living longer.

This seemingly positive story, however, has significant implications on personal lifestyle, healthcare, finance, and property decision making.  The implications of longer life also require a fresh and informed approach by government, society, and a wide variety of commercial organisations.

Caring for an ageing community

We’re all living longer in Hong Kong, which sounds like great news, until you realise how unprepared the city is for this shift in demographics. That’s why Chinachem Group are focusing on researching, designing, and developing better ways of ageing in place for our precious older generations. In this film we hear how a long running CUHK research programme is designing a better future for our elderly community.

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Research driven design

Working together with the Institute’s architects and researchers, an ongoing study is being undertaken into how best to ‘age in place’, a concept of prolonging and enhancing lifestyle and health for individuals which invests in their independence. This research programme has been releasing annual reports, and 2024 will see the publication of a Residential Design Guide for Healthy Ageing in Hong Kong. Critically, this guide will be available to all, and will serve as a contemporary yardstick for developers, architects, government bodies, and of course, users and their families.

Looking at the bigger picture

Chinachem is in a unique position amongst developers in Hong Kong when it comes to this challenge; our business exists to create value that, in turn, is used to benefit the population. Currently, most of that population is underserved when it comes to choices of adaptable and personal elderly care options. Sitting above government provided residential care homes and services, and below expensive, bespoke, premium solutions, lies a significant and growing gap. Our studies of this shortfall, our unwavering focus on the community, and our expertise in creating homes for this market, naturally come together around the development of solutions for ageing in place.

CCG Healthcare

Pine Care

A leader in the field of aged care, Pine Care operates a portfolio of integrated residential care homes, provides day and residential care, as well as rehabilitation services, and is Hong Kong’s largest provider of Enhanced Bought Place Scheme (EBPS) services. Founded in 1989, its 600+ team look after the needs of more than 1,200 elderly citizens across twelve residential care homes and one day care centre in the city.

An integrated approach to senior living

Chinachem is a diverse organisation with expertise, infrastructure, training, and assets, that when looked at from a fresh angle, touch the daily lives of so many senior members of our society.  So by combining talent, experience, research, and vision, an opportunity to provide a significantly improved model for ageing in place emerges.  And in the GBA, where more elderly people are living alone and there is a shortage of quality residential care homes, there’s an increasing need to serve this growing sector of our communities.

Making meaningful changes takes commitment, investment, and time, but Chinachem has pledged to dedicate focus to this emerging need, creating services and products that leverage our deep understanding and experience in senior care, property management, hospitality, proptech, and training.  

The landscape of our region is changing, as are we.

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