Why we take sustainability so seriously

Our Strategy

Our three core company values of People, Prosperity and Planet not only define the personality of Chinachem, but our strategy too. And within People, the Group has a particular focus on Community, a subject very close to our hearts.

Across each there are key issues that we are tackling; through the setting of targets, execution of change, and the monitoring of performance.
  • People

    That’s the people that make us, our amazing 3000 and more employees, our business partners and stakeholders, and the complex community that make up our supply and value chain.
  • Prosperity

    Get everything right, and we create prosperity. But it’s so much more than bottom line performance; it’s about governance, managing future risks, green funding, innovation, efficiency and the optimization of our business.
  • Planet

    Recognizable by all, these are all the environmental challenges and opportunities we face. Climate, waste, sourcing, energy; there are many goals to pursue and efficiencies to seek.
  • Community

    We reflect the diverse community that surrounds us. Enhancing lives, improving wellbeing, and creating a better future for the people of Hong Kong are key priorities for us.

How we empower change

As a large and wide-ranging organisation, the first thing we must do is communicate well. Because success will only be achieved if everyone in the company, from the grassroots up, understands why we’re on this sustainability mission.

Therefore, we have recently restructured the way that we’re managing this critical process. To enable clear communication, establish well defined roles and responsibilities, provide rewarding engagement and vital feedback loops, we’ve created a new ESG governance structure.

Pivotal to a more effective approach, is the formation of Chinachem’s first dedicated ESG department. Comprising industry veterans, their deep knowledge and experience of setting targets, monitoring progress, and ultimately delivering change, will be vital in meeting the goals we’ve set ourselves. Already, their expertise has helped organise the tremendous pool of talent within the Group into more effective working parties. These ESG sub-committees are now engaged in key activities, tackling topics in each of our focus areas of People, Prosperity, Planet and Community.

We’re working hard to align the operations of our internal business units to our ESG strategies. Here are some of our recent initiatives:

There are many more stories to share about this exciting journey

These are the people that make Chinachem special, our colleagues, our stakeholders, our tenants, and the myriad of individuals and organisations that support our supply and value chain.
So much more than bottom line performance, prosperity is governance, our management of future risks, green funding alternatives, innovation, efficiency and the optimization of our business.
We all know now how critical it is to protect our planet.  We’re facing these challenges head on, seeking to improve or eradicate waste, contamination and inefficiencies.
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