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Property management services
Cleaning services
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Property services

  • Property management services
  • Cleaning services
  • Security services
  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Property management services

    Buildings are communities, and looking after for the needs of their users ranks as highly as maintaining the structures themselves. Residential and commercial alike, our care starts with attentive and proactive customer service, supported by one of Hong Kong’s most integrated and comprehensive property management operations. Our management team has close to 50 years of experience of every stage in an asset’s lifecycle, and we are tightly focused on ensuring each and every facility is safe, energy efficient, and fully compliant in all regards.
  • Cleaning services

    Cleaning and building hygiene remain firmly in the spotlight in a post pandemic world. And our clients value the 20+ years of experience we bring to bear upon the 140+ offices and retail stores that trust us to maintain their hygiene daily. Our deployment of a range of ISO compliant procedures ensures all client facilities receive the highest quality of safe service and care throughout. On-site patrols and mobile operations teams maintain comfortable and safe environments for our tenants and guests, and behind the scenes, our comprehensive Pest and Rodent Control operation protects everyone from unwanted visitors.
  • Security services

    More than 30 years serving on the frontline, means we’re experienced and prepared for every eventuality in all aspects of security. Protecting more than 60 sites citywide, our uniformed and plain clothes officers are trained to internationally accredited ISO standards. Zero-crime-rates are our target, and we work with tenants and users to make that a reality.
  • Repair and maintenance services

    We have been providing installation, repair and maintenance services throughout buildings of every size, age and complexity imaginable for almost four decades now. That gives us a tremendous reservoir of experience and expertise ready to tackle almost any technical and operational challenge. Smooth operation is what we deliver.

Meeting and exceeding standards

Internationally recognised benchmarks provide peace of mind to our clients and users and give us performance targets to beat. We already hold a wide selection of accreditations and verifications, and we are engaged in a continuous programme to improve standards. And keeping sustainability a top priority helps us work more efficiently, reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace, cuts energy consumption, lowers our environmental impact, and improves conditions for both tenants and our workforce.

Here’s a selection of the standards we work to.

developments under our management (about 200 properties)
professionals looking after your property needs
residential units managed by us

Let us manage your property

Owning property comes with responsibilities. It’s complex, 24/7, and very often costly.

So reduce that burden and guarantee your tenants and users seamless, reliable, and high quality service by letting CCG Property Services be custodians of your precious assets.  Our vast experience, extensive resources, access to technology, and friendly professional team members will ensure your assets retain their value, and you keep your smile.
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