Chinachem Group - Management Associate Programme
Have you heard how the Chinachem Group is changing?

…how our leadership is transforming the way we do business?

…and how looking after people and the planet, are as important to us as our bottom line?

Change creates opportunities

As you can imagine, the kind of evolution we’re going through right now, creates amazing opportunities for the right kind of talent. And as a growing business, we need to create future leaders; young people who share our vision for a balanced approach to value creation, people that can help take us to the next level and beyond.

Therefore, we’ve created the Chinachem Group Management Associate Programme (MAP), and we’re ready to recruit its first candidates.

So, what are we looking for…?

Well, attitude is everything.

Yes, of course we need you to be a graduate, with no more than two years of work under your belt. Yes, you must be trilingual in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin and with really high levels of professional skills. And yes, you need to be able to engage anyone with confidence, be well organized and have tons of energy.

But we need something else. We need the right attitude.

The MAP is for flexible, creative thinkers, people who’re not afraid to fail, who challenge the norms, and find opportunity through tenacity. But alongside these, a passion for making the world a better place is key. Within Chinachem, our primary focus is on those around us, our community. So, we’re looking for individuals who share that vision.

If this might be you, then please read on.

Chinachem Group ‘Employer of the Year’  ‘Best Engagement Strategy’  The Hong Kong HR Awards 2021/2022
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Meet some of our recent joiners

There’s already fresh blood within the team at the Chinachem Group, young people who saw the potential in joining an organisation that has entered a new chapter in its more than six-decade existence.

Hear firsthand their impressions of the culture, the working environment, our leadership, and therefore the opportunities.

The essentials

An undergraduate degree or above from all disciplines, with less than two years full-time working experience.
Possession of excellent communication and presentation skills, high proficiency in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, with the ability to engage stakeholders and peers in an open and collaborative manner.
Have strong planning and organisation capabilities.
Possess good analytical and problem-solving skills.
Ability to grasp new concepts, acquire new ways of seeing and analyzing things, a high degree of flexibility, all with the understanding that this is an ongoing business necessity.
Energetic and dynamic self-starter with a positive attitude and teamwork skills
Passionate and in search of long-term career development opportunities
Application Deadline: 30 December 2023
Interviews & Assessment: January to March 2024
Offer Stage: April 2024
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