12 August 2021
Chinachem Group always values technology and innovation. A Digital Transformation Division was set up in 2019 to enhance internal operational efficiency with the introduction of software and cloud solutions, and to boost competitiveness of our core businesses by adopting a wide range of innovative technologies in our property developments. Another mission of the division was to develop new business models and new revenue opportunities. In July this year, it was officially renamed the Business Transformation and Innovation Division, marking a new milestone in driving our digital transformation.

Innovation is never a single event. We can truly succeed in digital transformation only when our employees embrace innovation at heart. In the early days, we adopted an “outside-in” approach. By collaborating with tech communities such as HKSTP, we introduced new technologies into the Group and supported local start-ups. And through exchanges with the industry, our employees were empowered to broaden their horizons and discover new ideas, cultivating a culture of innovation.

Entering a new era, we will strengthen our innovation development by moving to an “inside-out” approach. The Innovation Catalyst Unit, with the Innovation Ambassadors programme, will drive cross-departmental collaboration. In addition to achieving their business goals, teams will be encouraged to reflect on their day-to-day work routines with new thinking, and to plan optimisation from the bottom up. This will exemplify at operational and decision-making level the Group’s “Triple Bottom Line” concept – with a focus on People, Prosperity and Planet – and our new branding.

Looking forward, Chinachem Group will continue to bring innovative thinking and new technologies to our projects, making our city a better place with a good quality of life. Together we will create shared value.

Donald Choi
Executive Director and CEO
Chinachem Group