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Most see change at Chinachem in the form of the striking buildings we've been creating recently. I see it in the remarkable talent we're now attracting.
Hung Han Wong, COO - Chinachem Group

A home for dreams

Having well defined goals is a powerful uniting force in a company of more than 3,000. But what we work every day to create, embraces the lives of so many more.

The communities and workplaces we build are homes to the lives, loves, ambitions, highs and lows of a myriad of individuals. Each one of those people is special. Each one has a story. Each one has a dream.

We’d like to introduce you to some of them.

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Listening and learning

Thoughts guide change

Building homes, operating shopping malls, and managing workplaces means that Chinachem is present in the lives of many on a daily basis. And we believe that every one of those individuals shares a desire for society to improve.

By engaging in dialogue with these stakeholders, we are able to shape change, improving the future for all those we touch.


Leadership Team


Hung Han 'HH' Wong         

COO, Chinachem Group

Sleeves up and hands on, HH is happy to work on the frontline, taking on whatever challenge is sent his way.  A product of good mentorship... 


Kam Por 'KP' Chan

CFO, Chinachem Group

With the Group for 28 years, KP Chan has watched the company grow and its home neighbourhood of Tsuen Wan transform.  An accountancy graduate... 

Ricky Tsang                       

Deputy CFO, Chinachem Group

Joined as Group Deputy CFO in March 2020, Ricky Tsang is a finance veteran who comes with over 30 years of experience gained from...

Real Estate

Chinachem Group - Dennis Au
Dennis Au                               

MD of Real Estate, Chinachem Group                       

Dennis has over 35 years of experience in accounting, finance, consultancy, business development and...

Business Transformation and Innovation

Chinachem Group - Damien Wu - Director of Digital Transformation
Damien Wu                       

Director of Business Transformation and Innovation, Chinachem Group

With over 25 years of start-up entrepreneurship, investment and management experience, Damien Wu is ideally placed to deliver on his fresh ...

Business Impact, Branding and Marketing

Sylvia Chung
Chief Business Impact Officer, Chinachem Group 

The Chinachem Group is entering its second 60 years with a sharp focus on ensuring the impression it makes is always a positive one, and Sylvia Chung’s leadership role in the ...

Hospitality and Entertainment

Simon Manning
Managing Director, Nina Hospitality

The growth and development of major hotel brands lies at heart of Simon Manning’s three decades experience in Asia and beyond.  Most recently, in his role as Chief Sales and Development Officer ...
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