The moment you realise how many lives this company touches on a daily basis, is the moment you realise what a difference we can make to the future.

Donald Choi, CEO - Chinachem Group

Thinking differently, and now acting differently.

These days, we’re all aware that our localised actions as individuals, businesses, and communities have global implications for the environment. Our collective goal should be to make our overall impact positive.

Within Chinachem we now look in detail at the environmental consequences of how we’re doing business. We set ourselves demanding annual targets for improvement and have committed to a number of bold initiatives over the longer term.

We’re also aware that, as one of Hong Kong’s largest developers, our responsibilities extend beyond simply being practitioners, to that of influencers too. There’s room for us all to improve our environmental credentials, and we hope that by leading, others will follow.

Putting sustainability into practice

Environmental awards and accolades

These types of recognition are especially meaningful to us, because they represent long lasting and tangible benefits for the communities that surround us. Alongside reaching and exceeding the standards set by national and international bodies, we as a company also define benchmarks for our partners and suppliers to attain. Our Green Procurement Guidelines and Sustainable Building Policy ensure we’re only doing business with like minded parties.

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