Everything we do at Chinachem is in an effort to give back to the communities that surround us, and our balanced values means our impact is always positive.
Sylvia Chung, Chief Business Impact Officer - Chinachem Group

A force for good

Property developers have a responsibility to design and build in a manner that enhances neighbourhoods. However, our duties extend beyond that. Uniquely, Chinachem Group is an enterprise that exists to benefit the communities we serve. That makes us much more than simply a developer, we are a force for good.

Being longstanding members of the community ourselves, the company was founded in 1960, we understand how important it is to be inclusive, supportive and sensitive to the needs of our neighbours. So we operate a year round programme of donation and support.

Challenges such as the relief of poverty, the advancement of education, social inclusion, arts and culture, and young startups keep our donation committee busy. But we will consider expanding our support to other charitable efforts that are beneficial to the community.

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