The Chinachem Group

The Chinachem Group takes a different stance to most.  Firstly, we place our contribution to the planet and community on an equal footing to our profitability. This is further strengthened by our unique ownership structure - our group of companies sits within a trust containing assets bequeathed to it by the late Nina Wang, once Chinachem Group's Chairwoman.

The Chinachem Charitable Foundation (the “Foundation”), as Trustee and the Secretary of Justice (the protector of charities in Hong Kong) are working to establish a scheme for approval by the High Court, which includes amongst other things a body to supervise the Foundation’s role as trustee of the estate.

Corporate Governance

This preservation and enhancement the legacy that we operate, is of the utmost importance to the Group, therefore we take corporate governance very seriously.

The Group is overseen by an Executive Committee (ExCo) whose members include the following Executive Directors of the Group; Donald Choi, Wong Hung Han, Chan Kam Por, Dennis Au, Ng Shung Mo, as well as three representatives from the administrators.

Sitting on the Executive Committee as CEO, is Donald Choi.  Donald has worked globally as an architect and developer for more than 30 years and believes passionately in the power of design to empower society. Very active across a number of community, professional, and academic areas, he is amongst other roles, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design, and Chief Curator for the Hong Kong Exhibition at the 17th Venice Biennale. Donald is also a Trustee of Rhode Island School of Design, Board Member of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, Building Committee Member of the CUHK Medical Centre, Board Member of Hong Kong Green Building Council, Board Chairperson of Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre, and the Honorary Advisor of the Hong Kong Workers’ Health Centre.

The following chart shows the Group’s current corporate governance structure.  The Group is committed to maintaining the highest standards of openness, integrity and accountability, encouraging and providing support to employees to report any suspected misconduct, malpractice and irregularity within the Group.

Should anyone, internal or external, suspect misconduct, malpractice, or irregularity within the Group, they should contact the Audit Committee at

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