Nobody likes a showoff. But when ones’ peers take the time to acknowledge a particularly notable achievement, we’re comfortable feeling the pride associated with standing out from the crowd.

Like reporting, awards and ratings signify either reaching or exceeding benchmarks; and that is always the result of a team effort. Within Chinachem, we think it vital to recognise the personal commitment, enthusiasm, and creativity that leads to us regularly receiving accolades from our industry. Whether it be for our green building achievements, the care we show as an employer, our cultural conservation efforts, or our inspiring ESG initiatives, the certificate for the wall or the statue for our shelf is very much appreciated by the entire organisation. Because at the end of the day, we are a people business, and recognising what they contribute is vital.

So please excuse us a little showing off, and scroll down to see some of the accolades we’ve received recently.


Sustainability awards and accolades

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