Understanding the changing needs of our community is shaping our corporate future
Damien Wu, Managing Director, Corporate Development, Chinachem Group

Listening leads our reasoning

Chinachem’s transformation centres around a re-prioritisation from landlord centric thinking to user centric thinking.  By putting our tenants, visitors, purchasers, and stakeholders first, we now create environments that enhance user experience.  This fresh approach encourages greater interaction and engagement, promotes increased use and footfall, and provides significantly improved experiences.

Understanding the need and desires of our own community before we start our planning processes, changes the nature of the products and services that we create and offer.  Consumer led reasoning has been at the heart of our recent place making successes.  For example, Central Market has rapidly established itself as a vibrant multipurpose destination, where culture, retail, dining, relaxation, and celebration mix, creating a venue that appeals to almost every demographic of resident and visitor.  This is a product of listening.

Investing in Healthcare

Chinachem Group started to focus on Hong Kong’s steadily changing demography some years ago, engaging with the CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing, to investigate how best to improve the provision of high-quality housing for the city’s increasingly elderly populace.  And it is increasing fast.  In August 2023, the Government published a forecast predicting the current size of the elderly population will grow from 1.45 million in 2021, to 2.74 million in 2046.  That means one in three of us will be 65 or over.  So, as long-term thinkers, the need for us to understand the changing requirements of an ageing population was paramount.


Leading the way with Anderson Road

Investing Globally

The principles of successful real estate investment are somewhat universal, and investing outside Hong Kong offers interesting opportunities for diversification and growth.  Chinachem maintains a keen eye within the entire Greater Bay Area, Mainland China, and beyond to international markets, seeking deals that align with its high standards around profile and performance.  Within that, sustainability is a key metric in the decision-making process, and this is reflected in the first two international assets to be added to the Group’s international portfolio.

Nuturing Innovation

We’re channeling significant resources into accelerating the development of technologies which will improve the way you live and work.  Whilst we’re not inventors ourselves, we do create and managing a diverse range of living and working environments.  So we welcome innovators and technologists seeking the ideal test bed in which to prove the efficacy and viability of their inventions.

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