Our unique loyalty programme, CCG Hearts, is so much more than a membership programme. It's designed to revive our spirit of kindness, and pioneers a new form of earning that rewards giving.  Join us to share the happiness.

Spreading smiles

CCG Hearts is a new kind of loyalty programme, one which not only rewards you for spending, but for giving too. Because within Hearts are Quests, opportunities to volunteer and help out members of our community less fortunate than ourselves. Complete a Quest, and we’ll reward you for your support. Simply download the CCG Hearts app to start spreading smiles and happiness around Hong Kong.

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CCG Hearts reflects who we are

The Chinachem Group has its own heart, the triple bottom line values of People, Prosperity, and Planet. They guide our corporate behaviour and are reflected in our day-to-day operations. Therefore, those principles are at the core of CCG Hearts.

As an organisation, our priority is to make everyone’s Hong Kong a better place to live, work, and raise future generations. But to do that, we need to encourage the fortunate in assisting and supporting those in need. And that’s where CCG Hearts comes in.

Spreading happiness together

A chance to make a difference

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