02 March 2021

A New Vision: ‘Elevating the Everyday’ with Nina Hospitality

L’hotel Group, a member of Chinachem Group, today unveils its brand transformation to Nina Hospitality. The new identity reflects the brand’s promise of ‘Elevating the Everyday’ through personalised experiences that blend top-notch service with a friendly and approachable ambience throughout their properties. Nina Hospitality’s service from the heart, across their hotels, serviced apartments and residences, creates memorable moments that feel like home. Guests are invited to discover new brand touchpoints through an array of offerings, such as the ‘Hello Nina’ staycation package comprising of an exclusive one-on-one private experience with master chefs and baristas.   The #NinaLife experience is guided by their three brand pillars, ‘Generosity’, ‘Social’ and ‘Homelike Comfort’. Showcasing their passion and dedication to Asian hospitality, every moment is warm, comfortable and memorable.   At today’s press conference held at the flagship property Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West, Nina Hospitality introduced its new service promise of ‘Elevating the Everyday’ and revealed the logos, digital touchpoints and new uniforms. The new logo is two arms embracing to form the letter ‘N’ in soft and flowing curves, offering guests a warm welcome with a sleek, modern design. Nina Hospitality’s new, uplifted corporate brand identity includes Nina Hotels and Lodgewood by Nina Hospitality.   The refreshed brand positioning showcases the strong competitiveness and growth of the hotel business. Nina Hospitality is seeking to expand its business and influence in both local and overseas markets, with high quality hotel design, the Asian hospitality culture and expertise in hotel management.   Introducing a sustainable future and immaculate environment Nina Hospitality is committed to fostering a sustainable future. Nina Hotels is one of the few hotel groups in Hong Kong to which public areas are awarded an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Certificate in Excellent Class by the Environmental Protection Department as part of the IAQ Certification Scheme. The certification is also an endorsement of the hotel’s approach to hygiene and safety practices, ensuring guests feel at ease while enjoying their stay. Five of the properties are assured of the high hygiene standards with certification by HKQAA’a Anti-epidemic Hygiene Measures Certification Scheme. New sustainability upgrades also include offering eco-friendly toiletries in all properties.   Transforming into the digital world The group also thrives to excel in its management and service, aiming to bring prosperity and vibrance to all customers, business partners, practitioners in the hospitality industry and the local communities by introducing more personalised and value-added services through digitalisation and automation.   Launching the Nina Patisserie Today also sees the launch of Nina Patisserie, a new pastry brand bringing signature sweet treats to the Hong Kong ‘must-try’ list. Guests can order signature products such as the Nina Palmiers and the Nina Napolean Cake series, or seasonal highlights including Sakura-themed pastries in advance via the e-shop: eshop.ninahotelgroup.com.   Empowering the next generation Nina Hospitality supports local millennial talent. Recognised as an up-and-coming fashion designer set to shake up the industry in Hong Kong, Mountain Yam is the brain behind the new series of uniforms making use of upcycled materials for small touches. From the graphics design world, Ruth Chao, a two-time winner of the Berlin Red Dot Awards, is the mastermind of Nina Patisserie, from logo design to packaging. While illustrator Kylie Chan, known for her work in publishing indie magazines and designing graphics for local publications, was commissioned to create Nina Hospitality’s website creative illustrations. Her designs will also be available to guests in a set of six postcards, as well as mask holders, available at all properties.   Living that #NinaLife experience today To celebrate the new brand launch, guests can discover the #NinaLife experience through new package offers available from 2 March. The ‘Hello Nina’ staycation package includes a one-night stay at the suite, a welcome gift featuring Nina Palmiers and a set of branded postcards, with flexibility on the arrangement of breakfast, tea, lunch or dinner. Guests can plan their own itinerary and enjoy the culinary journey in-room, in-restaurant or takeaway. Limited bookings of the celebratory packages will also enjoy a one-on-one experiential cooking class or latte art workshop with master chefs or baristas. Book the first #NinaLife experience at ninahotelgroup.com.   Mr. Donald Choi, Executive Director & CEO, Chinachem Group, speaking at Press Conference today   At today’s press conference, Nina Hospitality revealed its new digital touchpoints From left:Mr Jack Tam, Group Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation,Mr. Donald Choi, Executive Director & CEO, Chinachem Group,Ms. Sylvia Chung, Deputy Managing Director   At today’s press conference, Nina Hospitality revealed its new uniforms designed by Hong Kong-based designer, Mountain Yam (center)   Nina Hospitality’s website illustrations are created by local artist, Kylie Chan and are available in a set of six postcards   A selection of signature cakes and sweets available from Nina Patisserie e-shop
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01 March 2021

URA and Chinachem Group Sign Operation Contract for Central Market

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) and Noble Vantage Ltd., a member company of Chinachem Group (Chinachem), today (1 March) signed the operation contract for the Central Market Revitalisation Project (the Project). The URA and Chinachem will jointly take up the Project’s operation and management, starting from today.   Held at the conserved Central Market building, the signing ceremony was officiated by the Managing Director of the URA, Ir Wai Chi-sing, and the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Chinachem, Mr Donald Choi.     Speaking at the signing ceremony, Ir Wai said, “ Central Market was an epoch-making architecture in the 1930s, materializing the spirit of innovation through the pioneering use of construction materials, the functional style of architectural design as well as the operating model of a market at that time.   Since taking up the Central Market building from the Government in October 2017, the URA commenced restoration and preservation works for this 80-year-old building with the application of innovative measures, which included the restoration methods, repair materials, as well as project management software, aiming to enhance both the work quality and efficiency.  It took the URA over three years to complete the first phase of rehabilitation and preservation works at a cost of more than 500 million dollars.   I look forward to continuing this innovative spirit in the collaboration with Chinachem in the future operation of the Central Market, in particular, its initiatives  to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, as well as its support with additional resources, to startup companies to run in the Central Market, aiming to make the Central Market an epoch-making architecture and facility of the 21st century, and an energetic and vibrant landmark for Hong Kong.”   Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Chinachem, Mr Donald Choi said, “Central Market symbolises the Hong Kong-style market culture, which is full of Hongkongers’ collective memory. The Group will adopt an innovative approach by integrating elements of heritage conservation into the design to enhance the historical uniqueness of Central Market.   Chinachem Group has an enduring commitment to encouraging inclusiveness, promoting arts and culture, and supporting start-ups. We will strive to revitalise and operate Central Market by focusing on three key themes – approachable, energetic and gregarious – and introducing diversified catering, retailing and activities to shape it as a ‘Playground for All’, where people from all walks of life can meet, mingle and socialise. We will also invest extra resources into supporting start-up businesses in Central Market to revive and promote the spirit of innovation.”   Both the URA and Chinachem are conscious to avoid excessive consumerism and profit-maximising in the operation of the Central Market.  A portion of the floor area of the Project has already been earmarked for public and community uses, including a 24-hour public passageway, toilet facilities, and green open spaces totalling about 1,000 square metres.    A joint management committee has been set up by the URA and Chinachem to devise implementation details of the business plan. The URA will closely monitor the performance and operational effectiveness of the main operator.   About the Central Market Revitalisation Project As announced in the 2009 Policy Address, the URA was tasked with the revitalisation of the former Central Market building to provide a green public open space for diversified uses for public enjoyment.  Upon completion of the first phase of restoration and revitalisation works in the 4th quarter of 2020, the Chief Executive in Council in January 2021 approved the grant of the former Central Market site to the URA by way of private treaty for 21 years to enable the URA and the main operator to take up the preservation and revitalisation of the building in a sustainable way.  The URA will submit an Undertaking to the Government to ensure compliance of the operating principles reflecting the public aspirations, as well as the terms and conditions of the Private Treaty Grant.     Ir Wai Chi-sing (Right) and Mr Donald Choi
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18 January 2021

Urban Climb 300M+:Pioneering wheelchair climbing at Nina Tower

Chinachem Group is backing an initiative to raise funds for patients with spinal cord injuries. By taking the Lead Partner role, the Group has given support for a feat of extraordinary human determination on 16 January 2021 - wheelchair climber Lai Chi-wai scaled the Group’s landmark headquarters building, the 300-metre Nina Tower, by hauling himself up purely through his upper body strength. This courageous attempt is a fundraising initiative in support of Lai’s chosen charity, the University of Hong Kong’s “Get Up and Walk” Campaign.   By using only his arms and cast-iron will, Lai Chi-wai finished his challenge by reaching a height of around 250 metres after more than 10 hours of climbing. Because of strong winds, Lai had to abort the climb – but despite his missing the summit target, the challenge has made Lai the world’s first para-athlete to climb a skyscraper. Through the event, he hopes to encourage Hong Kong people to keep up their spirits in the face of adversity, and show that perseverance can overcome difficulties.   Watch the LIVE recording on Chinachem Group‘s Facebook page: Part 1:https://www.facebook.com/101771473253762/posts/3391596427604567/?d=n Part 2:https://www.facebook.com/101771473253762/posts/3392209430876600/?d=n   The Group has pledged to make matching donations of up to HK$3 million in total to support HKU’s Spinal Cord Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation Services. By the donation deadline of 6 Feb, total contributions from the public plus the matching donation from Chinachem Group have reached more than HK$6 million!     About “Get Up and Walk Campaign” The "Get up and Walk Campaign" is an HKU O&T initiative to support the recovery of spinal cord injury (SCI) patients through basic research, clinical services, rehabilitation programs, and community redevelopment projects. Through pilot programs supported by this campaign, the HKU O&T spinal cord rehabilitation team has performed Hong Kong's first 2 diaphragmatic pacemaker insertions and also conducted approximately 1000 sessions of exoskeleton training for paraplegics in Hong Kong. HKU O&T partners with Hospital Authority doctors, NGOs and charitable bodies in order to deliver services that optimise rehabilitation strategies and promote community reintegration for SCI patients in Hong Kong.   Donors   Arnlee Engineering Ltd. Artwell Printing Factory (HK) Ltd. Century 21 Group Limited Colliers International Cushman & Wakefield (HK) Lmited Deacons Eight Partnership ENM Holdings Ltd. Fungs E&M Engineering Co. Ltd. Gammon Construction Limited Green and Cycle Lighting Ltd. Howden Insurance Brokers (HK) Limited Knight Frank McLarens Young International Miele (Hong Kong) Limited OGILVY & MATHER (HONG KONG) PRIVATE LIMITED Paul Y. Engineering Group Savills Hong Kong Limited Sino Group Sonik Interiors Ltd. Sundart Timber Products Co. Ltd. Toplis and Harding (Hong Kong) Ltd. UBS Uni-China Management Limited  Winnie Leung & Co.
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13 January 2021

Chinachem Group launches LIFE+ Magazine to provoke new thought on creating a more sustainable city

With the aim of stimulating discussion and generating new ideas on how to make Hong Kong a more liveable and sustainable city, Chinachem Group (“the Group”) has just published the first issue of a new magazine (“magazine”) called LIFE+, which is being distributed free to the public as well as the Group’s customers, tenants, employees and key stakeholders.   The initiative is a timely move as the developer has just celebrated 60 years of serving the Hong Kong community with a new brand identity and new positioning as a developer of “Places with Heart”.   “On this special occasion, it is important for us to continue to grow as a socially responsible and sustainable company,” explains CEO and Executive Director Donald Choi in his foreword to the first issue. “That’s why we have launched a rebranding campaign, including the redesign of our company logo, to reflect our renewed value propositions. We aim to achieve a higher purpose in everything that we do, connecting and inspiring everyone we meet.  That’s why, we believe in the ‘3 Ps’: People, Prosperity and Planet. These values can only be achieved by our commitment to building liveable, innovative, sustainable and socially inclusive communities.” Hence, the magazine is intended to stimulate ideas and provoke discussion about what can be done to bring positive impacts to citizens, communities and the environment in collective efforts to make our city more liveable and sustainable.   The first issue subtitled “Rethink over Liveability” includes a preview of the Hong Kong Collateral Event at the 17th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition to be staged later this year; an interview with leading British architect Ken Shuttleworth, founder of the Future Spaces Foundation which was set up to advance research and debate about sustainable cities; and a look at how the property sector is using digital transformation both to enhance operational efficiency and create more green and user-friendly buildings. There is also a human interest story on how one local resident has grown together with the Group since the 1970s as first a homeowner, then an investor in its industrial properties.   The e version of the magazine could be viewed at https://www.chinachemgroup.com/en/news/lifeplus-magazine/magazine-issue-list/magazine-issue-01
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