30 April 2021
The rebranded Nina Hospitality promises the ultimate home-away-from-home experience, providing personalised services to create a relaxing and memorable stay.

The Nina Hospitality service team treats each guest like a beloved family member. From preparing the medicine cabinet to small acts such as wrapping up wires in the room, the intimacy makes guests feel like it’s their second home.

In March, Chinachem Group rebranded its hospitality arm from L’hotel Group to Nina Hospitality. The aim is to showcase the essence of Asian hospitality, underpinned by the brand’s three pillars: generosity, social and homelike comfort. The ultimate goal is to realise a new vision: “Elevating the Everyday” with Nina Hospitality, or the #NinaLife experience.


Management decided on its rebranding strategy three years ago in order to connect the hospitality brand to a younger demographic. The rebranding campaign includes a new logo, new website, the unveiling of its new, elegant uniforms, and an all-round guest experience. Since the advent of Covid-19, Nina Hospitality has implemented rigorous measures to ensure the health and safety of guests and team members. Service is a function of the mindset and loyalty of staff. In addition to continuing employee training, Chinachem Group kept up team morale when it refused to lay off staff or cut their wages despite the hotel business being badly hit by the pandemic. Looking ahead, Nina Hospitality plans to expand its business in Hong Kong, across top-tier cities in mainland China and the Greater Bay Area.

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