Celebrating excellence in sport

Summer "Go!"ympics

Every four years, the world comes together to celebrate human life through sporting endeavour. And in Paris this summer, men and women from across the 18 districts of Hong Kong will deliver performances of their lives on a global stage.


The Olympics and events like it, strengthen communities, encourage positivity, recognise and reward those who challenge physical and mental limits.  This closely mirrors so much of what we strive for within Chinachem, so with that in mind we’re developing a diverse range of activities over the summer to give the people of Hong Kong further opportunities to celebrate the athletes representing our city.


Under the theme of Summer "Go!"ympics, Central Market, Nina Park, and our many malls will host a series of corresponding celebrations to honour the Olympics. Enjoy live streams from Paris, meet Olympians and Paralympians, join competitions, capture Instagram-friendly backdrops, participate in sports coaching, and engage in activities that energise both body and mind.


Look out for our events below.

Connecting through sports

The Summer "Go!"ympics combines sports, entertainment, and art, bringing sport waves to the city. Join us now for an array of activities, including a million-dollar grand prize giveaway challenge, dynamic art installations, exciting sports games, and exclusive CCG Hearts rewards.

Experience the excitement of International sports events


Chinachem Group presents live broadcasts of major sports events from the Paris 2024 Olympics Games at its properties. Feel the adrenaline as you witness world-class athletes compete for glory across various disciplines. Join us at Central Market, DPARK and NINA MALL to immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere and catch all the action-packed moments. Don't miss the incredible opportunity to meet Hong Kong athletes, cheer for them and your favourite teams, and celebrate the sporting spirit. 

Connecting through care

The Summer "Go!"ympics celebrate the sporting spirit by connecting through care across all walks of life. Join us as we expand our initiatives to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for all.

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