Chinachem Promotes Cultural Sustainability

14 February 2016
More than 300 young family members celebrated the Year of the Monkey in a memorable way when they were invited to the viewing of “Chinachem x Backstage”, a Chinese opera telling a story of what happens at the backstage of a Cantonese Opera troupe in form of a modern drama. The theatrical performance was staged on the third day of Chinese New Year at Nina Fossil Garden beneath the Nina Tower.

Created by Mr. Yuen Siu Fai, the well-renowned Chinese Opera maestro, “Backstage” is originally a bilingual Chinese Opera designed to promote traditional Chinese cultural performance. Premiered at “Edinburgh Festival Fringe” in August 2014, the performance was introduced to other parts of the European communities in late 2015 through a European tour co-sponsored by Chinachem Group.

Translated into Cantonese and introduced to the Hong Kong community for the first time by the Chinachem Group, “Chinachem x Backstage” represents an extension of the highly successful European tour and demonstrates commitment of the Group to support sustainability in the area of arts and culture.

The Group commitment is well explained by Ms. Molly Gong, Executive Director – Marketing of Chinachem Group. “As a social responsible developer, we aim to create places where people can live, work and enjoy themselves. We believe that culture, as one of crucial elements to sustainability, is the heartbeat of a happy neighborhood, and over the years we have taken pleasure in supporting cultural sustainability events like ‘Backstage’”.

“‘Through ‘Chinachem x Backstage’, Mr. Yuen and his team showcase the colorful and sophisticated art elements of Cantonese Opera that, as a cultural form, is inscribed on the UNESCO intangible heritage list and we are proud to be part of this meaningful effort” Ms. Gong explained.
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