Your actions today ripple into the future

No act is too small; no impact is too big. REACT with us to better tackle waste and shape the future we desire.


Like it or not, we all leave a trail of waste behind us in our daily lives.  Bad habits form over decades, convenience takes priority over consideration, and before you know it, landfills are overflowing, and the seas are choked.


So how can we all manage our personal waste in a more responsible manner? 

We can REACT.

Inspiring the community

REACT is designed to create opportunities for us all to make small changes that will deliver big results. To broaden its reach, we’ve invited the local NGO, The Green Earth, to join us in this initiative. REACT will inspire, motivate, and reward participation in a series of initiatives to improve our practices around the waste we generate. All whilst being recognised and rewarded.

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REACT is for everyone, always

The Chinachem Group already takes waste seriously, it’s part of our business philosophy of equally valuing People, Prosperity, and Planet. But like you, we want to do more to preserve and protect the world we share. So, we’ve developed REACT to share some of our learnings, raise awareness, and inspire the community to reduce the amount of waste generated and improve the way we all recycle. We’re even rewarding participation in some of our initiatives through our innovative CCG Hearts loyalty programme.

As summer approaches, we’ve organised a busy couple of months of events and educational programmes, all of which are accessible and fun. So why not devote a little time to enjoying and investing in a better future for us all.

We Act now

Our aim with REACT is to change behaviour, for the long term. REACT exists to provide a kick start, to clearly illustrate why we need to change the way we create then dispose of waste, the benefits of those changes, and where possible, reward you for listening, changing, and spreading the word. 

Partnership with The Green Earth

Achieving change at a community, city, country, or global level requires partnership. Hence, we’ve invited The Green Earth to join us in this campaign to inspire behavioural change in reducing the waste footprint. The Chinachem Group has been taking sustainability seriously for many years now, implementing new practices across its many business units to ensure the better health of the community that surrounds it.

The Green Earth is a charitable organisation dedicated to helping the general public make smart, sustainable choices and taking practical steps to reduce waste at its source. Their programmes provide engaging and educational experiences that encourage active participation from both individuals and corporations. It’s core value is “Cherish the Earth”, and together we aim for REACT to bring more believers to this vital cause.

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