Chinachem Group Sustainability Conference 2023

Chinachem Group Sustainability Conference 2023

Attendance increased by over 50% Compared to Last Year
Secretary for Development as Guest of Honour
13 November 2023

With the theme of “Pioneering an Inclusive Net-Zero Future for Hong Kong”, Secretary for Development Bernadette Linn (left) and Chinachem Group Executive Director and CEO Donald Choi (right) hope that Chinachem Group Sustainability Conference 2023 can spark ideas and increase public awareness of sustainability issues.

Organised by Chinachem Group and co-organised by the Hong Kong Green Building Council, Chinachem Group Sustainability Conference 2023 under the theme of “Pioneering an Inclusive Net-Zero Future for Hong Kong” is held today at Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West, with an attendance increase of over 50% compared to last year's conference.


In alignment with the Government’s Climate Action Plan 2050, which sets out the vision of "Zero-carbon Emissions· Liveable City · Sustainable Development", Chinachem Group Sustainability Conference 2023 aims at exploring innovative ways to accelerate Hong Kong’s transition to a more inclusive, carbon-neutral future. 16 international and local speakers from government and academia, as well as from the architecture, technology, gerontology, finance sectors, together with professional bodies and environmental advocates are invited to share their expertise and insights on the role of policymaking, Hong Kong’s carbon market, green construction and design, partnership for impact, and youth perspectives.


The Conference was graced by Guest of Honour Ms Bernadette LINN, Secretary for Development, The Government of the HKSAR with her Opening Remarks. Participants also heard from other leading figures including Donald Choi, Executive Director and CEO of Chinachem Group; Dr Cheung Tin-cheung, Chairman of Hong Kong Green Building Council; Audrey Nugent, Director of Global Advocacy, World Green Building Council; Wong Chuen-fai, Commissioner for Climate Change, Environment and Ecology Bureau; Michael Fong Hok-shing, Director of Civil Engineering and Development; Prof Wong Kam-sing, Chairman of Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation; Prof Christine Loh, Chief Development Strategist, Institute for the Environment of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Ken Chiu, Head of Carbon & ESG Products, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited; Dr Conrad Wong, Vice Chairman of Yau Lee Holdings Limited; Kimberly Lewis Inkumsah, Executive Vice President, Equity, Engagement and Events, IWBI (International WELL Building Institute); Dr Wei Qing-peng, Deputy Director, Building Energy Research Center of Tsinghua University; Lee Sauerwald, Executive Director, Corporate Services, Uniting Communities Incorporated; Dr Edward Leung Man-fuk, President of Hong Kong Association of Gerontology; Carly Leung, Development Director, V’air; and Jasmine Siu, Committee, Hong Kong Youth for Climate Action.


“The government will continue to actively reduce carbon emissions through smart, green and resilient strategies, and formulate measures in three aspects, namely planning and urban design, infrastructure, and smart mobility,” said Secretary for Development Bernadette Linn. “Green building practices will become increasingly important in improving our built environment. When discussing sustainable building works, we must include Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) as one of the innovative high-productivity construction methodologies. In recent years, we have spared no efforts to promote the wider adoption of MiC to expedite housing supply. MiC can uplift work efficiency by reducing site work processes, site labour, and construction period. It can also enhance sustainability and improve site safety. Thanks to Chinachem's efforts in spearheading the adoption of MiC building.”


Donald Choi, Executive Director and CEO of Chinachem Group, said, “This year's conference holds particular significance as we see the impacts of climate change striking ever closer to home. From the escalating frequency of extreme weather events to the urgent need for inclusive and sustainable practices, the importance of our collective actions has never been more apparent. As the consequences steadily intensify, we’re seeing far broader, and stronger commitment to combat climate change, from the approach of carbon neutrality, to net-zero carbon with the goal of balancing all greenhouse gases emissions produced and emissions removed from the earth’s atmosphere.”


Dr Cheung Tin-cheung, Chairman of the Hong Kong Green Building Council, said, “This Conference has provided an extraordinary platform for like-minded experts from around the world to explore how to create an inclusive net-zero future for Hong Kong towards a shared goal. It is clear that the efforts of building professionals alone are insufficient to tackle the challenges of climate change and pioneer an inclusive net-zero community. As a bridge between the government, industry, and the public, the Hong Kong Green Building Council will strive to connect the diverse sectors and calls on green building industry, utility, construction, green finance and developer leaders to unite with the rest of the community to create and energise the community. A transformative approach to policy and action will be our key to achieving a net-zero community and creating an inclusive future for Hong Kong!”


Five exhibitors were also invited to present their sustainability innovations in the exhibition area, including CCG Hearts, a new membership rewards programme; Nina Park, an urban park with the largest wood fossil collection in Asia that is scheduled to open next month, as well as start-up companies showcasing eco-friendly bricks, garment upcycling, and a tenant engagement mobile app.

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