Chinachem Group supports new invention by HKPC NINA MALL takes lead in installing “kNOw Touch”

14 October 2020
Under the threat of COVID-19 infection from physical touch, many people are being very careful nowadays to minimise direct contact with objects like elevator buttons. That is why NINA MALL 1 & 2, owned and managed by Chinachem Group (CCG), is taking a lead in adopting the latest ‘kNOw Touch” contactless panels developed by Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), which allow mall visitors to activate the elevator button panels without touching them to lessen the risk of coronavirus transmission.

“As part of our ongoing initiatives to speed up digital transformation and support local innovation, as well as the growth of start-ups, we are proud to collaborate with HKPC in being the first commercial enterprise in Hong Kong to install the newly-developed ‘kNOw Touch’ elevator solution,” says Damien Wu, CCG’s Director of Digital Transformation. “It helps bring visitors a safer and more risk-free shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment experience.” He adds that CCG looks forward to continuing its partnership with HKPC in adopting further innovative technologies in its core business areas.

Mohamed Butt, Executive Director of HKPC, says: “During the epidemic, HKPC’s self-developed local R&D technology ‘kNOw Touch’ has brought the community a low-cost, highly efficient application which is simple to install. Following the adoption of ‘kNOw Touch’ in the premises of some Government and public organisations, Chinachem Group’s NINA MALL is the first commercial building to introduce it into the market, leveraging technology to attain better public hygiene.”

Mr Wu also reveals that the Group would work with different organisations to support local and overseas start-ups in various development projects and help them grow in prosperity. He believes that the adoption of innovative technologies and state-of-the-art products can improve people’s living standards and help create an eco-friendly environment.
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