Chinachem Continues to Support Under-Privileged Families for Free Ocean Park Visits

27 January 2017
Chinachem collaborates with Ocean Park and 18 District Councils to support the “Ocean Park x Chinachem Group Learning + Fun Day” for the second consecutive year.

This year, Chinachem continues to contribute 1.1 million on this Corporate Social Responsibility program for 10,000 people from low-income families from 18 districts to enjoy an edutaining day-out at Ocean Park with complimentary admission from February to May 2017.

At the 40th Anniversary Ceremony of Ocean Park, Mr. Steve Lo, Chief Operation Officer of Chinachem Group, acknowledges the similar corporate values on service to the community and environmental protection, which leads to the continued collaboration between the Chinachem Group and the Park. Mr. Lo also commends the financial support which the Group provides to the participants of the program so that they can enjoy an edutaining day-out at Ocean Park free of any financial concerns.
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