HKU SPACE and Chinachem Group Form a Strategic Alliance

HKU SPACE and Chinachem Group Form a Strategic Alliance

14 October 2016


HKU SPACE and Chinachem Group announced to set up a strategic alliance, which is the first business-education collaboration of Chinachem Group.

At the Strategic Alliance Ceremony, Prof. William Lee, Director of HKU SPACE, said that HKU SPACE was honored to form an alliance with Chinachem Group in the year of HKU SPACE 60th anniversary.

Shared Vision on Talent Development
“Talent development is the key for business continued success. Chinachem Group understands that talent development will put forward the momentum of a business. Over the years, HKU SPACE has been an academic cradle in nurturing talents. The Group is honored to form a strategic alliance with HKU SPACE for a better community in the area of education and conservation,” Mr. Sunny Yeung, Executive Director and CEO of Chinachem Group made his speech at the ceremony.

Prof. Lee said that HKU SPACE has always supported lifelong learning and encouraged students to keep abreast of the times. In today's business world, it is no doubt that student’s academic performance is important, but practical on-the-job skills can never be ignored. Collaboration between academia and the private sector will enable students to gain valuable work experience and create a positive learning environment for both academics and students.

“In collaboration with HKU SPACE, Chinachem Group invites students to participate in our projects actively such as event planning of Nina Fossil Garden after the renovation and internship in the Geopark Hotels. Encouraging the extra-curricular experience and practice especially on conservation is another kind of talent development. The Group takes pride in its social responsibility on education and conservation initiatives,” Mr. Yeung reiterated commitment of the Group to support talent development in Hong Kong.

Partnering in geological conservation
The renovation project of Nina Fossil Garden is part of this strategic alliance. “Nina Fossil Garden is filled with precious tree fossils from my sister’s (Mrs. Nina Wang) private tree fossils collection. I am delighted to collaborate with Prof. William Lee, Director of HKU SPACE, and well-known geologist Prof Lung-sang Chan, Principal of HKU SPACE Community College, to further enhance Nina Fossil Garden to let more people enjoy my sister’s favorable fossils,” said Ms Molly Kung, Executive Director – Marketing of Chinachem Group.

Prof Lung-sang Chan, Principal of HKU SPACE Community College, is the soul of the Fossil Garden Renovation project. "The renovation project is a tribute to Mrs. Wang. HKU SPACE will continue to work with Chinachem Group after the renovation, including organizing guided tours and curatorial activities for both academics and the public. This will provide HKU SPACE students more experiential learning experience while increasing public awareness of the natural sciences and history at the same time," Prof. Chan stressed.

The collaboration between Chinachem Group and HKU SPACE on Nina Fossil Garden:

1. Theme Park: Nina Fossil Garden will transform into a theme park with the elements of education, discovery and recreation and incorporate the concepts of natural sciences and geology. A large historical wall will be built to show the natural and human history of the major events. Visitors will have the opportunity to extract gold-dust, fossils digging, etc.

2. Tree Fossil Specimens Exhibition: The garden will exhibit a number of world-class specimens, including two well-preserved tree fossils of more than 30 meters in length with clear tree patterns and rings. The display setting allows the public to closely view and touch the tree fossils.

3. Tree Fossil Learning Center: Visitors will learn how trees are transformed into fossils, how scientists determine tree species, and the images of tree fossils will be displayed under a microscope and electron microscope. We are only one of the very few learning centers in the world specialized on tree fossils.

Geopark Hotel
There are only two geo-park hotels in Hong Kong, all of which belong to the Chinachem Group. More tree fossil specimens will be displayed at the hotels with the advices on geology facts provided by Prof. Lung-sang Chan.

Ms Sylvia Chung, Executive Vice President of L’hotel Management Company Limited said, “L’hotel Group is committed to promoting environmental protection and geological conservation is one of the focuses. It is truly an honor that both L’hotel Island South and L’hotel elan are the only Geopark hotels in Hong Kong and have the opportunity to be involved in promoting Hong Kong Geopark for the past six years.”

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