30 April 2021
In recent years, the wave of start-ups has swept the world. In addition to such hot topics as AI, AR/VR and robotics, their innovative solutions have also extended into our daily lives. Established in 2017, Zeek, which focuses on developing a smart logistics platform, is a prime example of how a start-up and its innovation can make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Last year, Zeek rolled out “ZeekSolutions”, an innovative and smart last-mile logistics platform that provides crowd-sourcing delivery, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business solutions and delivery. The company secured financing from regional strategic investors and investment funds last year.
Chinachem Group is both an investor and a customer of Zeek’s last-mile logistics platform to expand its reach of new customers.


“Zeek obtained financing during the pandemic and we believe that as long as our business remains innovative, sustainable and able to meet evolving market needs, it will continue to appeal to investors,” said Vincent Fan, Co-founder & CSO of Zeek.
Chinachem Group is one of Zeek’s angel investors. Damien Wu,Director of Business Transformation and Innovation at Chinachem Group, explained that Zeek fit the Group’s metrics for promising start-ups: whether the business was rapidly scalable and the calibre of its management team. Chinachem Group is also a client of Zeek and has integrated the solution into its hotel restaurant takeaway ordering and retail delivery services.

Fan and Wu believe that the partnership is a win-win situation. “After trying the product, I know that the business models match with each other. It is therefore easier to reach a consensus when securing financing. At the same time, we can continuously optimise the product in response to market changes,” said Fan.

Wu agreed, saying that “the pandemic has highlighted the value of logistics and presented more opportunities to disrupt the entire industry. Co- operations with Zeek allow us to accelerate our digital transformation amid the pandemic, explore potential business opportunities, and as a result create a win-win situation.”

1. The customer places an order for food from a restaurant under the hotel.

2. The restaurant prepares food after receiving the order.

3. A Zeek rider receives the order from the partner’s app automatically.

4. The Zeek rider delivers the order by motorcycle or van.

5. The food is delivered to the destination specified by the customer.