Sustainable Space
30 April 2021
University Heights boasts well-proportioned living spaces and is close to hiking trails, providing plenty of space for outdoor activities.

Calvin Chiu, his family and their pet dog are now living at the redeveloped University Heights. In his free time, he enjoys walking their child and pet to the nearby hiking trails to enjoy precious family moments and cultivate their child’s love for nature.

When Mr Chiu and his family were looking for a place to rent, he said they wanted to find a place with access to plenty of outdoor space, but not too far away from the city. The apartment ideally would be spacious and well proportioned. As it happens, University Heights was freshly on the market at that time, and its apartments offer exactly what the Chiu’s needed. There are also floor-to-ceiling windows, which flood the living spaces with abundant natural light during the day. When night falls, the apartment becomes an oasis of calm.
University Heights boasts well-proportioned living spaces and is close to hiking trails, providing plenty of space for outdoor activities


Green living, impeccable services

High-quality property management services are also guaranteed to ensure tenants feel well looked after and a hassle-free experience in this beautiful green home. The Chiu family has been living at University Heights for nearly a year now. The frontline service team members are the people with whom they are in touch with most frequently about the apartment. Whenever Mr Chiu has issues relevant to his home, the frontline staff are more than happy to help, he said. “For example, whenever there are maintenance or cleaning issues, they respond quickly and are very friendly.”

To win the hearts of tenants, offering personalised services is becoming more and more important. Samuel Dong, the Director of Property Services at Chinachem Group, said that frontline personnel not only need to understand the cultural background of guests but also remember details like their daily routine, and sometimes even their personal preferences. He said: “As time goes by, trust will be established between tenants and us.”

Ever since the pandemic, more people are aware of the importance of indoor air quality. Therefore, residents are provided with air purifiers installed with air quality sensors throughout the property to monitor and maintain indoor air quality. It has become an indispensable service. Before the tenant’s family moves in, the property management team will also arrange free photocatalyst services to remove pollutants left in the air after renovation.

After all, no matter how perfect the amenities and facilities are, professional and meticulous property services are needed to complement the environment to create a lovable place for people to live.

Green living
Mr Chiu drives his electric vehicle to his workplace every day. The electric vehicle charging station installed in the parking lot of the residential complex saves him valuable time looking for charging stations elsewhere, he said, adding that the family is supportive of the “Energy Saving Charter” and the Computer and Communication Products Recycling Programme (CCRP) that the property management team has joined.

Comprehensive facilities
In addition to high-quality services, a property should offer a wide range of facilities for its residents, said Maggie Lee, the head of residential agency at Knight Frank. University Heights’ clubhouse includes a fitness room, an outdoor infinity pool, a barbecue spot, a children’s playroom, etc, suitable for different members of the family. In addition, the country trails behind the residential complex lead all the way to Lung Fu Shan Country Park and Pok Fu Lam Country Park, so that residents can enjoy nature at any time.

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