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The Central Market as we know it today is its fourth iteration. Built in 1939 in the Bauhaus style, the current architectural design emphasises the integration of form and function. Critically, it is one of the only remaining buildings of this style that has survived in Hong Kong. Central Market was in operation until 2003, after which it was rated as a Grade III historical building.

From 2009 to 2011, the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) conducted extensive public engagements to discover what the public wanted regarding operational approaches of a revitalised Central Market Building. The first round of survey results suggested that more than 80% of respondents wanted inexpensive eateries of good quality and local flavours. Respondents also indicated that they wanted the architectural design to be preserved and enhanced, and that the interior space should be reconfigured to create a diversified and non-uniform leisure space for public enjoyment.

The opinions collected from the public engagement exercise were consolidated and issued as part of the requirements on how Central Market should be operated in the future. After a rigorous selection process, the URA has recently chosen Chinachem Group to manage and operate the city’s Central Market revitalization project for a term of ten years. By enhancing the building’s historical heritage to enshrine it in collective memory, Chinachem Group aims to create a cultural corridor between old and new neighbourhoods and evoke a sense of belonging and connection.
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