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Sustainability cannot be achieved in isolation; it relies upon collective thought and action. That’s why Chinachem annually brings thought leaders together in a forum where ideas can be shared, solutions sought, and change effected.

Our annual Sustainability Conference is a vital rallying point, not just for us, but for our industry. Yes, we compete, but for us to care for the community around us, we must collaborate. Climate change does not respect borders, therefore our responsibilities to the planet are shared.

Moving forward, the Group is curating and creating a program of in person and online events around the diverse topic of sustainability, more details of which can be found on this page.

Chinachem Group Sustainability Conference 202
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Chinachem Group Sustainability Conference 2022

This year, Chinachem Group Sustainability Conference 2022 was themed “Creating Social Impact on the Zero Carbon Journey in Hong Kong”. 15 eminent speakers from the government, academia, and architectural bodies, the technology sector and the finance industry shared their experiences and insights with more than 1700 online and offline participants. They spoke on topics such as green buildings, green finance and revitalisation of heritage buildings, with the aim of co-creating a blueprint for making Hong Kong a more liveable city

Mr Donald Choi
Executive Director and CEO, Chinachem Group

Ms Bernadette Linn, JP
Secretary for Development, the Government of HKSAR

Mr Wong Kam Sing, GBS, JP
Former Secretary for the Environment, the Government of HKSAR


Sustainability Conference 2022 Speech Summary

Morning Session:

1. Welcome Speech by Mr Donald Choi  Speech Summary

2. Opening Remarks by Ms Bernadette Linn  Speech Summary

3. "Design a Net Zero World - A Roadmap to Net Zero" by Prof. Tai Lee-siang  Speech Summary


4. "Collaborating towards Net Zero Carbon Electricity" by Mr Jim Taylor  Speech Summary

5. "Kicking Carbon Out of Construction" by Mr Kevin O'Brien  Speech Summary

6. "How the Community and Environment Benefit from Refurbishing the Historic Industrial Building Ombú" by Mr Chris Trott  Speech Summary

7. "Green Finance Development in Hong Kong and Beyond" by Dr Stephen Wong  Speech Summary 

8. "Does Finance Have a Role in Delivering a Resilient and Sustainable Future?" by Mr Jonathan Drew  Speech Summary 

9. "Is the Current Effort on Green Building and Green Finance Development Good and Fast Enough to Reach the 2050 Net Zero Target? What Further can be Done?" Moderator: Dr Thomas Tang  Morning Panel Discussion Speech Summary

Afternoon Session:

10. "Green Buildings in Hong Kong's Carbon Neutrality Journey" by Mr Wong Kam-sing  Speech Summary

11. "Towards Sustainable Urban Regeneration via Adaptive Reuse for the Community" by Mr Eric Poon Speech Summary

12.  "Sustainable Building Projects Enhancing Community and Culture Development" by Mr Donald Choi  Speech Summary

13.  "Building Strong Communities for Sustainability" by Ms Chin Chin Teoh  Speech Summary

14.  "Advancing Net Zero in Countryside Conservation" by Prof. Stephen Tang  Speech Summary

15. "Can Cultural Buildings be Green?" by Dr Rocco Yim  Speech Summary

16. "Nurturing Green x Culture x Heritage Development - How to Promote Public Support and Enhance Community Participation?" Moderator: Mr Vincent Ng    Afternoon Panel Discussion Speech Summary

17. Closing Remarks by Mr Cheung Hau-wai  Speech Summary

There are more stories to share about this exciting journey


These are the people that make Chinachem special, our colleagues, our stakeholders, our tenants, and the myriad of individuals and organisations that support our supply and value chain.

So much more than bottom line performance, prosperity is governance, our management of future risks, green funding alternatives, innovation, efficiency and the optimization of our business.
We all know now how critical it is to protect our planet.  We’re facing these challenges head on, seeking to improve or eradicate waste, contamination and inefficiencies.
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