Chinachem Group wins two accolades in Green Building Awards 2021

Chinachem Group wins two accolades in Green Building Awards 2021

29 April 2022

Chinachem Group has won two accolades in the biennial Green Building Awards 2021, jointly organised by the Hong Kong Green Building Council and the Professional Green Building Council. They are to the Group’s Tonkin Street redevelopment project, a collaboration with the Urban Renewal Authority, as well as its flagship property, Nina Tower. The awards recognise the Group's outstanding performance in green building projects and its contribution to sustainable development:

“New Buildings Category: Projects Under Construction and/or Design – Residential” Grand Award - Tonkin Street Redevelopment Project

“Existing Buildings Category: Facilities Management” Merit Award - Nina Tower


Tonkin Street redevelopment project is Hong Kong’s first private residential project to adopt concrete Modular Integrated Construction (MiC). By integrating humanistic design with property technology, it will foster a greener and more liveable community environment.

The application of digitised-MiC technology could result in a 68% cut in construction waste and a 75% cut in noise, as well as a reduction in carbon emissions. The overall construction time can also be shortened by about two months, reducing nuisances to the community.

This is also the first MiC private residential project in Hong Kong to feature balconies, and it is designed with removable non-structural walls built into the modules, allowing residents the flexibility to personalise their own living space. The design of each unit emphasises cross-ventilation to bring fresh air indoor, while toilets are fitted with windows to meet the housing expectations of the public.

Adhering to its people-centric philosophy, the Group is committed to bringing positive impact to society by putting equal footing on People, Prosperity and Planet. It sets high green building standards with a target of attaining green building certifications such as BEAM Plus Gold and WELL. To achieve this goal, the group has developed CCG3050+ Carbon Reduction Roadmap and Science Based Targets.

The Group will continue to promote the adoption of greener construction methods in its future projects along with property technology development, to realise the vision of building a smart and more liveable city.

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