Urban Climbing 300m+: Pioneering wheelchair climb of Nina Tower

Urban Climb 300M+:Pioneering wheelchair climbing at Nina Tower

18 January 2021

Chinachem Group is backing an initiative to raise funds for patients with spinal cord injuries. By taking the Lead Partner role, the Group has given support for a feat of extraordinary human determination on 16 January 2021 - wheelchair climber Lai Chi-wai scaled the Group’s landmark headquarters building, the 300-metre Nina Tower, by hauling himself up purely through his upper body strength. This courageous attempt is a fundraising initiative in support of Lai’s chosen charity, the University of Hong Kong’s “Get Up and Walk” Campaign.


By using only his arms and cast-iron will, Lai Chi-wai finished his challenge by reaching a height of around 250 metres after more than 10 hours of climbing. Because of strong winds, Lai had to abort the climb – but despite his missing the summit target, the challenge has made Lai the world’s first para-athlete to climb a skyscraper. Through the event, he hopes to encourage Hong Kong people to keep up their spirits in the face of adversity, and show that perseverance can overcome difficulties.


Watch the LIVE recording on Chinachem Groups Facebook page:

Part 1https://www.facebook.com/101771473253762/posts/3391596427604567/?d=n

Part 2https://www.facebook.com/101771473253762/posts/3392209430876600/?d=n


The Group has pledged to make matching donations of up to HK$3 million in total to support HKU’s Spinal Cord Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation Services. By the donation deadline of 6 Feb, total contributions from the public plus the matching donation from Chinachem Group have reached more than HK$6 million!



About “Get Up and Walk Campaign”

The "Get up and Walk Campaign" is an HKU O&T initiative to support the recovery of spinal cord injury (SCI) patients through basic research, clinical services, rehabilitation programs, and community redevelopment projects. Through pilot programs supported by this campaign, the HKU O&T spinal cord rehabilitation team has performed Hong Kong's first 2 diaphragmatic pacemaker insertions and also conducted approximately 1000 sessions of exoskeleton training for paraplegics in Hong Kong. HKU O&T partners with Hospital Authority doctors, NGOs and charitable bodies in order to deliver services that optimise rehabilitation strategies and promote community reintegration for SCI patients in Hong Kong.




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