Creating Places with Heart Chinachem Group’s 60 Years of Progress Exhibition

Creating Places with Heart
Chinachem Group’s 60 Years of Progress Exhibition

10 March 2021

Deeply rooted in Hong Kong, Chinachem Group has grown up alongside its home city for the past 60 years. From a small chemical products enterprise in 1960 to a major real estate developer today, the Group has gone through all Hong Kong’s ups and downs with its residents. To celebrate its 60th anniversary and a recent brand rejuvenation, the Group has organised the “Creating Places with Heart - Chinachem Group’s 60 Years of Progress” exhibition, showcasing the Group’s transformation from its roots in Hong Kong since the 1960s through various touchless and interactive exhibits.


The exhibition is divided into eight unique zones, which help visitors relive the significant milestones of Chinachem Group and Hong Kong in the past 60 years and understand how contemporary buildings can bring a positive impact to the community and the environment; they can also preview some smart features of our future homes. In addition, visitors will be able to preview a film being exhibited at the 17th International Venice Biennale of Architecture, and ponder on future technologies and how they impact our daily lives.

“Creating Places with Heart - Chinachem Group’s 60 Years of Progress” was successfully held in April to December 2021 and it has attracted more than thousands of visitors. For those who cannot visit the exhibition in person, now it’s your chance to participate the virtual edition of the exhibition no matter where you are or what time zone you are in. 
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Eight Exhibition Zones:


Other highlights:


Remembrance of the Good Old Days at NINA MALL
In addition to the core exhibition at The Moment, a series of exhibits showcasing nostalgic items and 3D trick-art printings were also displayed in parallel at NINA MALL 1 & 2. Visitors can relive their collective memories of Hong Kong’s industrial and commercial development, as well as its changes in daily life over the past 60 years.  


Neighbourhood Innovation Lab

To explore how public space in Tsuen Wan can be activated through social innovation, Chinachem Group has collaborated with the Neighbourhood Innovation Lab to organise the “Neighbourhood Commons @ Tsuen Wan” project. Its aim is to explore the needs of various stakeholders in the district through a series of public activities, and thereby create a harmonious district where young and old can thrive alongside each other. Regular public discussion forums, workshops and guided tours were also conducted in the exhibition.

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