Nina Park design competition – 1st Edition

Pavilion for All

A centrepiece of an environmentally-friendly “Playground for All” being built in the heart of Nina Park. We aspire to make the “Pavilion for All” an inclusive space for the people from all backgrounds, ages and genders. It will be the perfect place to shelter, congregate or host activities. In the wider landscape, we see the pavilion as a social hub that will become a beacon of diversity, inclusiveness and storytelling.

Placemaking for a better future

To commemorate the opening of Nina Park, we collaborated with creative young talents to co-design an amphitheater. This initiative encouraged them to reimagine the conventional role of shelter, explore experimental ideas, suggest placemaking interventions, and present innovative solutions for design excellence, actions, and impact.

Invitations were extended to full-time students studying design-related disciplines in tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and Macau, resulting in an impressive array of over 90 creative submissions.

Cultivating creativity

Within this dynamic space, creativity flourishes, catering to the diverse voices of our community. We aim to provide a platform for the younger generation to express both academic insights and innovative ideas, fostering an inclusive environment for all.

Ten exceptional teams have been shortlisted, and three winning teams are identified for their remarkable contributions.

The judging panel

Sharing the boundless creativity 

These designs demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability, incorporating the use of wood from fallen trees due to typhoons, rainwater harvesting for water reuse, and interactive elements for children’s engagement with the pavilion. Among the 10 shortlisted teams from various institutes, awards were given to a champion, 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up, three merit recipients, and four honorable mention recipients, each receiving certificates. The competition winner will have the opportunity to see their ideas realised.

Champion - Pavilion For All

Team name:  CJS

Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong


The design aims to create a tranquil, eco-friendly sanctuary that maximizes functionality while upholding sustainable practices. Through modular construction and carefully selected materials, the design offers a dynamic space with minimal ecological footprint, focusing on both aesthetics and environmental sensitivity. Environmental features such as rainwater harvesting contribute to the park's sustainability, promoting a more self-sustaining ecosystem.

1st Runner-up - Wooden Wings Set Sail

Team name: CHC2223

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Hong Kong Chu Hai College


"Wooden Wings Set Sail" goes beyond being a mere pavilion; it serves as a pivotal space node and a hub for social gatherings, making it the perfect destination to enthrall visitors and offer them a multifaceted experience. With its iconic significance, it also serves as an educational display of architectural construction techniques.

2nd Runner-up - Net's Go Climbing! Pavilion

Team name: Mingle

PolyU Hong Kong Community College


The "Net’s Go Climbing! Pavilion" is an energetic and interactive structure designed to engage the local children of Tsuen Wan, who are the primary visitors of Nina Park. This innovative design revolves around a dynamic and colourful net, encouraging children to participate in imaginative play and climb freely.

Merit - The Wood Bell

Team name:  ALRL

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Hong Kong Chu Hai College


The design draws inspiration from wood fossils, aiming to raise awareness about reusing renewable materials while fostering an appreciation for wood. The pavilion's notable feature includes the gentle swaying of hanging wooden pieces in response to the wind, creating a dynamic play of light and shadow.

Merit - Cloud

Team name:  The First Prize

School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Whether amidst a natural forest or within an urban steel jungle, individuals seek their own vista of the sky while gazing at the clouds. The design aims to offer Nina Park a tranquil space where visitors can unwind and find solace. The pavilion serves not only as protection from the elements but also as a sanctuary for relaxation and contemplation.

Merit - The Second Incarnation

Team name: PudoPudo

Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong


Wooden fossils represent an alternative form of existence following the demise of a tree. Drawing inspiration from this concept, the team repurposed the felled trees into a new pavilion resembling trees, enabling them to rekindle connections with individuals in a fresh guise. Moreover, via its permeable mesh design, individuals can engage in the sensory encounter of the sedimentary wood gradually being displaced by dissolved solids in the water.

Honorable mention - The Rejuvenating Trees

Team name: JAM

Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong


The pavilion emulates the intricate beauty of trees, symbolizing both isolated and interconnected elements within a unique context. In echoing Nina Park’s aim of exhibiting and educating fossil woods in an urban park, the pavilion resembles the rejuvenating experience of space sitting under natural trees. It provides a tranquil yet vibrant space for relaxation and interaction, fostering a rich experience within the interconnected "trees" of the bustling urban environment.

Honorable mention - Growth

Team name: Studio Yingzao

Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong


Growth captures the essence of everyday Hong Kong through traditional elements. The Pavilion for All at Nina Park employs recycled timber and acrylics, creating an inclusive space with a pitched roof design that redirects rainwater. This destination offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for families, the elderly, tourists, and the young to gather, learn, and celebrate the city's diversity.

Honorable mention - Sound & Sight Pavilion

Team name: TEAM

PolyU Hong Kong Community College


This design concept aims to provide respite and relaxation in Tsuen Wan's fast-paced urban environment. A visually striking pavilion, inspired by speakers, serves as the centerpiece. These pavilions offer dedicated spaces for individuals to pause, unwind, and immerse themselves in the surroundings. With their unique shape, the pavilions reflect sound and light, creating a dynamic interplay of auditory and visual elements within the inner space.

Honorable mention

Team name: Well done

Department of Art and Design, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong


An innovative design crafted from bamboo—a material offering natural cooling in summer, water resistance, and sun protection. This fusion of Chinese traditional art with Western architecture showcases an infinity logo, symbolizing continuity and sustainability.

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