Chinachem Collaborative Agreement with CLP Power Signs Helps Nina Tower to Increase its Energy Efficiency

Chinachem Collaborative Agreement with CLP Power Signs Helps Nina Tower to Increase its Energy Efficiency

25 July 2019

Chinachem Group (Chinachem) today signed a Collaborative Agreement on Smart and Green Initiatives with CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) that will see the landmark Nina Tower adopt smart, green technology to improve its operational and energy efficiency, saving a total of estimated 14Gwh of electricity for the next five years.

The agreement was signed by Chinachem’s representative, L’hotel Management Company Limited Deputy Managing Director Ms Sylvia Chung and CLP Power Customer and Business Development Senior Director Ms Lena Low, witnessed by Chinachem Chief Executive Officer Mr Donald Choi and CLP Power Managing Director Mr T K Chiang.

CLP Power will collaborate with Chinachem to upgrade energy conservation measures at Nina Tower, the twin-towers complex, including the adoption of renewable energy (RE), the enhancement of energy efficiency, and the application of smart technology. Professional advice is provided to Chinachem in facilitating the creation of walkable solar panels and a solar art sculpture, the installation of walkable solar panels and ‘charge bikes for mobile phone at Nina Fossil Garden, as well as connecting the existing solar panels to CLP’s electricity grid, which can promote the RE development in Hong Kong while reduce carbon emissions.

As part of the process, CLP Power has conducted energy audits for Nina Tower to identify further energy management opportunities. Chinachem will draw on the audit findings to implement retro-commissioning and adopt high energy-efficient heat pumps and lighting system for Nina Tower to reduce energy use.

CLP Power will also assist Nina Tower deploy a variety of smart technologies, including smart meters to monitor and manage energy consumption in a timely manner, and a smart electric kitchen to save energy costs. The complex will also provide smart chargers for electric wheelchairs.

Chinachem Group Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr Donald Choi said, “As a developer with targets to reduce carbon emission up to 38% by 2030, Chinachem has developed a comprehensive sustainability plan to enhance the energy efficiency under Chinachem properties. The collaboration between Chinachem and CLP Power showcases our Group commitment on carbon reduction and supports on Renewable Energy. Chinachem will continue to take any sustainable action to transform Hong Kong into a more livable city."

CLP Power Managing Director Mr T K Chiang said, “The impact of climate change is evident with more extreme weather incidents seen globally. To meet long term carbon emission reduction targets, we need all sectors of the society to participate. As the trusted energy partner of our business customers, CLP is happy to help Chinachem enhance the energy efficiency of Nina Tower through innovative initiatives. I hope we can continue to work together with enterprises in all sectors to conduct business in a greener way.”

To further promote community environmental awareness, CLP Power will offer energy saving tips and offers to be integrated in the Property Management mobile app under Nina Tower, to help its employees, business partners, and tenants be more energy efficient.

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