Discover why our wood is petrified

Exploring beyond your imagination

The Nina Park will invite you to explore, play, discover, and go on a voyage of a million lifetimes. Our innovative urban park will be packed full of surprises, providing entertainment as well as relaxation in the heart of the city. Interact with mobile Augmented Reality to explore back through the millennia to a time before man roamed this planet. Marvel at the beautiful Time Totem, a sculptural water clock sitting at the centre of Nina Park. This interactive timepiece will also highlight the sustainable operation of the park. Visit the resource centre and engage in a hands-on learning session about this fascinating age millions of years ago. Multimedia displays will guide visitors through arrays of petrified wood fossils, encouraging enquiry and learning. And when you’re looking to relax, you can keep cool and be entertained in the fan-shaped amphitheatre.

Innovation meets the most ancient of relics

“Learn from the past. Seize the moment. And plan for the future.” This is the inspiration behind Dr LK Chan’s designs for the Nina Park, Hong Kong’s only wood fossil edutainment destination. Chinachem Group’s brief to the architect has been an opportunity for Dr Chan to deploy leading edge technology in the presentation of these stones, some of the oldest artefacts to be displayed publicly in the city.

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