29 November 2021
Chinachem Group values highly community inclusivity and constantly shows our commitment to create “Places with Heart”. When the Urban Renewal Authority approved the tender award to Chinachem Group as the operator of the Central Market Revitalisation Project, I immediately questioned if we still needed to keep the Market as a single retail space. Rather, my vision for the Market was to build for the community and transform it into a “Playground for All”.

As the revitalised Market finally opened in August, the public response has been overwhelmingly positive with over three million visitors in its first two and a half months of operation since its soft opening. It realised our vision of placemaking by adopting a “boundaryless spatial concept” to transform the Grade III historical building into a social hub where people can find shopping, eating, entertainment, education and cultural activities all in one place.
“If you are not buying, you are still welcome” is a revolutionary retailing concept we introduced to the public with the new face of the Market. We want people to take their time to meet, eat, watch performances, relax, shop or simply do nothing here as visiting the Market has become a lifestyle of Hong Kong people.

We look forward to the completion of the second phase of the revitalisation programme which has begun already. We expect the Central Market to become a Hong Kong landmark that is full of vitality with a new purpose. We will continue to inject such new thinking of placemaking in our current and coming projects such as Caroline Hill Road commercial project and Tonkin Street redevelopment project to respond to various needs of the community.

Donald Choi
Executive Director and CEO
Chinachem Group