• Building teams to create communities

Our role in your future

The creation and management of high quality, healthy, and inclusive communities takes vision, passion, and expertise. That means assembling teams of diverse individuals around shared goals and values.

These days, the Chinachem Group is a home to visionaries, pragmatists, diplomats, planners, managers, communicators and maintainers. All different, but all harmonised as a force for good. 

Unlocking people’s potential and supporting their career dreams is vital to this Group’s long term success. And what makes it even more exciting, is that we’re also empowering every members of our team to help create a healthier, happier society for all.
Lawrence Hung - Director of Human Resources, Chinachem Group

At our heart

Unique amongst Hong Kong property developers, Chinachem Group’s self ownership and governance allow it to take a balanced approach towards its bottom line. This means we place equal emphasis on people. And that makes us a great place to work for those who care about shaping a smarter future for this wonderful city and the world that surrounds it.

We might be 60 years old, but we’ve never been more conscious of the positive opportunities the future presents. Our greater awareness of the impact we make, the innovation we have available to deploy, and the alignment of our corporate values, come together to create an inclusive culture of transformation.

Together we can help you maximise your potential whilst creating better more sustainable communities for all.

Creating change together

We’ve embarked on an ambitious journey to transform our business, industry and city. To achieve that, we’re empowering the wonderful individuals who make up this diverse organisation to make the changes needed to create a balanced, sustainable business that will make a positive impact wherever it operates. Young or senior, recent joiner or seasoned veteran, we all share a desire to see our society improve. Chinachem is the place where you can make that happen. We’d love you to meet some of our changemakers.

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