Chinachem Group and HKSTP Unleash Power of Pilot-first Trials to Accelerate Property Sector Transformation in Hong Kong

Chinachem Group and HKSTP Unleash Power of Pilot-first Trials to Accelerate Property Sector Transformation in Hong Kong

PropTech solutions from the “CCG Accel – Powered by HKSTP” Accelerator Demo Day highlight strength of city’s growing innovation ecosystem
20 April 2023

Chinachem Group and HKSTP join forces to host “CCG Accel – Powered by HKSTP” Cohort 1 & 2 Demo Day, showcasing PropTech innovations that accelerate property sector transformation in Hong Kong. Twelve PropTech solutions selected from Cohort 1 & 2 which are proven via pilot-first testing in the programme, demonstrating the results of elevating business efficiency, user experiences and ESG for Property Management.

(From left) Rice Robotics Limited, Novelte Robotics Limited, i2Cool Limited, Dayta AI Limited, BNET-TECH Company Limited, Achelous Pure Metal Co Ltd, Mr Samuel Dong ( Director of Property Services, Chinachem Group), Mr Damien Wu (Director of Business Transformation and Innovation, Chinachem Group), Mr Eugene Hsia (Chief Corporate Development Officer of HKSTP), Mr Michael Au (Associate Director, Partnerships, HKSTP), Apicem Technology Services Company Limited, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Faculty of Engineering | CUBE Robotics Limited, Formwork IO, Immune Materials Limited, NXT Smart Technology (Hong Kong) Company Limited, and SquareDog Robotics Limited.

Chinachem Group (“Chinachem”) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) are joining hands to fast-track property sector transformation with the innovations developed from the “CCG Accel – Powered by HKSTP” accelerator programme, featuring unique pilot-first trials for tech ventures and corporations seeking to accelerate PropTech innovation.

The “CCG Accel - Powered by HKSTP” accelerator programme is a great success and welcomes the conclusion of Cohort 1 & 2 Demo Day held on 17 April, showcased 12 market-ready solutions resulting from the unique pilot testing programme. The tech ventures across the two cohorts to date are proof of the transformative potential of the PropTech innovation emerging from the accelerator which has run successfully since 2021.

Chinachem Group has worked closely with HKSTP to create a unique programme providing real-life testing scenarios for the pilot-first trials. The participating tech ventures has completed the trial of their innovative solutions at Chinachem Group’s nine different designated commercial properties and collect real-life data to validate their ideas. Instant user feedbacks are also provided by Chinachem Group’s professional team so that tech ventures can strengthen market adoption opportunities. This closes the critical gap between ideation and commercialisation which often halts many early-stage ventures, and has proved HKSTP’s Living Lab concept can successfully translate R&D to market-ready solutions, as well as help expand I&T opportunities to other sectors and beyond borders.

"We are committed to leveraging technology to enhance our business operations and contribute to the thriving innovation and technology ecosystem in Hong Kong. This is one of the many examples of how Chinachem Group walks the talk, putting People, Prosperity and Planet on an equal footing," said Damien Wu, Director of Business Transformation and Innovation at Chinachem Group. "We are dedicated to building a sustainable and vibrant community by supporting local tech ventures and promoting co-creation and knowledge sharing. The first cohort of the programme was launched at the Central Market as a test location to integrate technology into our operations and enhance overall visitor experience. The results were excellent, with three of the proposed solutions being adopted by the Central Market after pilot testing. The second cohort expanded the test locations to include residential, office, commercial, and industrial buildings under Chinachem Group for those start-ups to trial run their innovative solutions in different scenarios. In fact, we treasure our partnership with HKSTP and other like-minded organisations which underscores our shared vision for a better future."

Eugene Hsia, Chief Corporate Development Officer, HKSTP, said: “Making Hong Kong a better place for future generations is the vision we share with Chinachem. At HKSTP, we recognize the importance of rigorous solution testing before implementation in the real world. We're excited to collaborate with like-minded partners like Chinachem to accelerate tech adoption by bringing solutions to the source. We're thrilled to see the success of our partnership and how it has inspired other corporate partners to join us in supporting local tech startups. Always from the heart, we strive to create positive change and drive Hong Kong's growth as an international innovation and technology hub.”

The Demo Day also shared specific "Cohort 1 & 2 Tech Venture Stories," which highlight how Chinachem Group and HKSTP have helped tech ventures adapt and optimise their technology into market-ready solutions via the “pilot-first” approach. Chinachem Group encouraged Achelous Pure Metal Company Limited (APM) to make their efforts more visible by proposing highly trafficked public areas such as food courts and car parks within Chinachem Group’s malls as test sites, it further promoted APM’s expertise in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Apicem Technology Services Company Limited received support from Chinachem Group to modify the air purifying system technology by downsizing machines to fit into commercial premises which were originally designed for industrial use. And Chinachem Group also collaborates with CUBE Robotics Limited to transfer the building ‘façade-inspection’ robotics solution from handling paint-based to tile-based façades suitable for large-scale commercial buildings.

The accelerator programme features three themed cohorts, spanning over three years. Cohort 1 was focused on technology solutions to be adopted at the revitalized Central Market heritage site—from guest experience to sustainability and facility management technology. While Cohort 2 was focused on technologies that enhances property service quality—specifically on green building tech, operational efficiency, plus safety and wellness.

These impactful collaborations and thorough market testing of solutions have sparked rapid development of Hong Kong’s PropTech industry and fulfils the digital transformation needs of CCG and the industry. Through partnership with Chinachem Group, HKSTP is empowering organisations to innovate with confidence but also be battle-hardened for future challenges.

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