Innovation meets the most ancient of relics in Tsuen Wan

Innovation meets the most ancient of relics in Tsuen Wan

13 July 2021
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In a corner of Tsuen Wan lies an exciting secret that’s soon to be revealed to the world, one that will connect today’s Hong Kong with the distant past, many millions of years ago.  The Nina Park, to be opened to the public in 2023 will be a unique destination, the city’s first wood fossil ‘edutainment’ experience.  And at the heart of the park’s remarkable collection of Pliocene fossils, will be technology and innovation, continually informing, educating, and looking after the parks many visitors.


Dr LK Chan is the architect whose creativity will help tell the story of what is one of Asia’s largest collections of wood fossils.  Viewing these remarkable artefacts as a ‘frozen moment in time’ Dr Chan, through her use of design and technology, has created a series of experiences for the park which will immerse visitors in its ancient wonders and untold stories.


Standing at the centre of Nina Park will be an imposing seven metre high environmental totem.  A marker to orientate all visitors, this beautiful tower will contain an interactive time capsule, a hydro kinetic clock, a projected audio-visual nighttime show, carbon countdown clock and an environmental dashboard, all to remind visitors of the fragility of the planet they live on.


Alongside learning and having fun, relaxation is also an important pastime in Nina Park.  Dr Chan brings innovation to bear in the designs of her surprising ‘smart bench’ which not only is a natural place to rest, but has built into it many features to improve the comfort and safety of visitors.  Sit down and relax and immediately one is cooled by sustainably produced cool air and mist.  Phone low on charge, the ‘smart bench’ has you covered with free induction charging pads.  And there’s even mosquito repelling plants built into the surrounding structure to keep the bugs away.  And all of it powered by the solar panels on top.  Technology in action, bringing the past to life.


“Chinachem, the force behind the creation of Nina Park, want to create a very important attraction for Hong Kong” said Dr Chan.  “They really appreciate innovation.  They look for it.  And they dare me to try new things for them.  Nina Park will be just that.  Ancient and ultra-modern, together for the first in Hong Kong”.

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