Pioneering wheelchair climb of Nina Tower Chinachem Group to support patients with spinal cord injuries

23 December 2020

Chinachem Group (“the Group”) is backing an initiative to raise funds for patients with spinal cord injuries. By taking the lead partner role, the Group has given support for a feat of extraordinary human determination on 9 January 2021 - wheelchair climber, Lai Chi-wai, will scale the Group’s landmark headquarters building, the 300-metre Nina Tower in Tsuen Wan, by hauling himself up purely through his upper body strength. The Group will take the opportunity to mount fund-raising initiatives in support of Lai’s chosen charity, the University of Hong Kong’s Spinal Cord Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation Services.


Lai, a former world No. 8 ranked rock climber, became paralysed after a car accident in 2011 but has since shown remarkable determination to overcome his disability, and famously scaled Lion Rock in his wheelchair four years ago. However, this will be the first time he – or indeed anyone else – has attempted such a feat on one of the city’s most iconic skyscrapers.  Besides raising funds for charity, Lai is keen to encourage people in Hong Kong to keep our faith, despite adversity.


As well as supporting the initiative logistically, the Group is encouraging its staff, the public and business partners to contribute to the chosen charity and has pledged to make matching donations for all those received. The donation amount made by the Group could reach up to HK$3,000,000 in total. HKU’s Spinal Cord Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation Services focuses on helping spinal cord injury patients and patients with mobility problems regain mobility with the help of exoskeletons, as well as conducting relevant research, so that they might be able to “Get Up and Walk” again.


“As a caring developer committed to bringing positive impact to Hong Kong’s people, community and environment, we take great pride in creating ‘Places with Heart’ where people can thrive and participate in community events that promote inclusiveness and support those in need,” explains Chinachem Group Executive Director and CEO Donald Choi.  “Lai Chi-wai’s great determination truly symbolises the Hong Kong spirit – persistence, diversity and unity. His courage inspires Hong Kong People not to lose faith and continues the “Lion Rock spirit” that makes us proud.”.


The climb will take place in three stages on Saturday 9 January. Relying on his determination, upper body strength, and a specially designed rope system, Lai will haul himself up the Nina Tower, the tallest building in New Territories and the sixth tallest building in Hong Kong.



Chinachem Group Executive Director and CEO Donald Choi (left) interacts with wheelchair climber Lai Chi-wai (right)

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