4,100 People Participated in Chinachem Eco-Walk 2018

4,100 People Participated in Chinachem Eco-Walk 2018

04 November 2018

Chinachem Eco-Walk 2018, Hong Kong’s largest single-day eco activity, took place at Ma On Shan Country Park today, with 4,100 people participating. Chinachem will match every dollar of the donation and without any administrative expenses deducted, all proceeds will be donated to “Hong Kong Mining Heritage and Eco Tour” Project by the Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong, whereas over 80 session of guided tours will be organized for over 2,300 children from grass-roots families.

As a property developer based in Hong Kong, Chinachem Group has remained committed to the pursuit of sustainability as a core value and foundation of business development. Since the debut of its annual Eco-Walk back in 2011, it has continuously led people from all walks-of-life to embrace the green Hong Kong and garnered the support of more than 24,000 participants. Two 10-year old emcees have joined this year’s event to unveil the kick-off ceremony.

Dr. Kung Yan-sum, Executive Director and Chairman of Executive Committee Meetings of Chinachem Group said “Celebrating its 8th anniversary this year, Chinachem Eco-Walk has over 4,000 participants once again. Themed under ‘My Sweet Home’, this year’s Eco-Walk has incorporated AR, VR and AI technology for participants to learn about the mining heritage of Ma On Shan and its contribution to Hong Kong’s economic development. While appreciating the picturesque natural scenery and ecology nearby, participants may also experience how Hong Kong people have been building and conserving their ‘sweet homes’ in the past and present, as well as recognize the importance of family. With the increased public awareness on sustainability and heritage preservation in recent years, Chinachem will continue to launch different initiatives to promote the spirit of “My Sweet Home” and social inclusion to all walks of life and build a more sustainable Hong Kong society together.”

Honoured guests who joined the kick-off ceremony included: Mr. Tse Chin-wan, BBS, JP, Under Secretary for the Environment Bureau; Dr. Raymond So, BBS, JP, Under Secretary for Transport and Housing; Mr. Alfred Sit Wing-hang, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department; Mr. Lai Chuen-chi, Assistant Director (Country & Marine Parks), Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department; and Mr. Roger Wong Yan-lok, Acting Assistant Director, Water Supplies Department.

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