4,000 People Joined Chinachem Eco-Walk 2.0

4,000 People Joined Chinachem Eco-Walk 2.0

19 November 2017

Chinachem Eco-Walk 2.0, Hong Kong’s largest single-day eco activity, took place at the Aberdeen Country Park today, with about 4,000 people participating. Without deducting for any expenses, all proceeds were donated to World Green Organisation for the “School Electricity Benchmarking Tool” to help local schools benchmark their electricity usage and drive energy conservation for a greener Hong Kong.

Throughout its 57-year history, Chinachem Group has remained committed to the pursuit of sustainability as a core value and foundation of business development. Over the years, the Group has built initiatives around important themes such as social inclusion, arts and culture, environmental sustainability, aid for the less fortunate, and heritage preservation.

Chinachem Eco-Walk is one of the largest single-day eco activities in Hong Kong. Since its debut in 2011, the Eco-Walk has attracted over 24,000 participants. Newly joining this year’s event were ethnic minority children from the Hong Kong Community Network, who performed a dance before the kick-off ceremony and served as Chinachem ambassador, which gave them an opportunity to integrate into the community.

Complementing the 40th anniversary of the Country Parks in Hong Kong, Chinachem Eco-Walk 2.0 began with a review of the origin of local country park, followed by snapshots throughout history of Aberdeen Reservoirs. Themed on a journey from past to future in Hong Kong from 1890 to 2057, participants can experience up-close the challenges of safeguarding the green resources in Hong Kong across different eras.

Dr. Kung Yan-sum, Executive Director and Chairman of Chinachem Group said “This year, Eco-walk is themed on a journey from past to future. When we travel back in time, we can learn how a privately owned reservoir had turned into a communal facility. All this helps us better understand the value of drinking water, leading us to cherish and care about water resources and the natural environment. Chinachem pledges to continue promoting conservation and initiatives for a greener Hong Kong, by delivering the message of environmental protection and social inclusion to all walks of life. We will strive hard to create a sustainable Hong Kong together.” Honoured guests who joined Dr. Kung Yan-sum to officiate the kick-off ceremony included: Secretary for Transport and Housing Mr. Frank Chan JP, Secretary for Food and Health Professor Sophia Chan JP, Assistant Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department Mr. Patrick Lai, Deputy Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Mr. Lai Hon Chung, Harry JP, Assistant Director of Water Supplies Department Mr. Chau Sai Wai and CEO of World Green Organisation Dr. William Yu.

At the starting point, participants joined a DIY workshop to make an environmentally friendly “A Hat in Time” to launch the “Time Journey”. At the halfway point along the route was a workshop demonstrating how to make mosquito-repellent water with simple natural materials in a practical and environmentally friendly way. The activities not only engaged the participants, it also fostered creativity and bonding for the whole family.

The Eco-Walk started from the entrance of the Aberdeen Reservoirs and ended at Wan Chai Gap Park. The walk took participants through a verdant path with views of distant mountains beyond the calm waters of the reservoir. Along the route were 10 narration stops where participants can appreciate the natural scenery. By scanning the QR code at the narration stop with their phone, participants browsed relevant information and enhanced their understanding of Hong Kong’s history, culture, environmental conservation and more. Six of the narration stops even had docents of different ages to help participants learn about different aspects of Hong Kong’s green history through dramatic skits. Each narration point had its own topics of interest: the origin of Hong Kong’s name; the original private ownership of Aberdeen Reservoir and subsequent acquisition by the Hong Kong Government and recognition as a declared monument; how life in Aberdeen changes; the development of Hong Kong country parks and the relationship between nature and environmental protection; and more.

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