16 April 2021

US$100m to promote smart city technology application in Greater Bay Area

China Merchants Capital, Chinachem Group and Qingdao City Construction Investment (Group) Limited (“Qingdao City Investment Group”) have joined forces to establish the CC Smart City Tech Fund I (“the Fund”), and a signing ceremony was held simultaneously in Shenzhen and Hong Kong today. With a size of US$100 million, the Fund is the first venture capital platform in the smart city technology sector set up by China Merchants Capital in collaboration with Chinachem Group and Qingdao City Investment Group. Focusing on smart city technology, smart city operation and management, and real estate technology in the Greater Bay Area, the Fund will invest in promising technology companies that will create synergy with China Merchants Group, Chinachem Group and Qingdao City Investment Group. The Fund will further leverage the resources of state-owned enterprises in Hong Kong to support local start-ups and promote the development of Hong Kong’s social prosperity.  The Fund is an innovative initiative of China Merchants Capital in response to the 14th Five-Year Plan to “accelerate digital development and collaboratively promote the building of new smart cities”. Moreover, it is a proactive quest to enable the development of smart city technology using the industry resources of Chinachem Group, China Merchants and Qingdao City Investment Group, guided by the strategy of integration between industry and finance, and the promotion of social progress through commercial success. The Fund will serve as an entry point for the three parties to establish long-term strategic collaboration, complementing each other with their respective resources and realising the ultimate objective of win-win development for all.   (From left) China Merchants Capital CEO and Director Zhang Rizhong, Chinachem Group Executive Director and CEO Donald Choi, and Qingdao City Construction Investment (Group) Limited Member of Committee and Deputy General Manager Gao Yuzhen spoke at the Fund's signing ceremony.   The Fund marks another important milestone for Chinachem Group following its brand rejuvenation last year. Chinachem Group is a leading developer in Hong Kong with businesses spanning property development and investment, hotel operation and property management services. Through its adherence to the “Triple Bottom Line”, Chinachem Group seeks to benefit People, bring Prosperity to the community and preserve the Planet. Following the introduction of the world’s first purpose-built construction energy storage system, “Enertainer”, Chinachem Group will further invest in the innovation and technology sector, such as its accelerator collaboration with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park announced last month to support local start-ups. As for the Fund’s partnership, Chinachem Group will provide real estate expertise and participate in the investment decision process, promoting regional smart city technology with China Merchants Capital and Qingdao City Investment Group. Qingdao City Investment Group is a major state-owned investment platform in Qingdao. It has always followed the “dual direction” of aligning with government strategy and market-oriented transformation, strives to build the “three clusters” of listed companies, AAA enterprises and funds, and continues to consolidate the “four underlying assets” of finance, city, industry and transportation.  China Merchants Capital, a joint venture between China Merchants Group and GLP, specialises in alternative investment and asset management. China Merchants Capital is one of the leading private equity firms in China with an asset management portfolio of about RMB 280 billion as of the end of 2020. China Merchants Group is a century-old state-owned conglomerate in Hong Kong, with business focus on three core industries: integrated transportation, specialty finance, and integrated city and suburban development and operation. It has RMB 10.3 trillion in total assets as of the end of 2020, and ranks first in terms of total assets and net profits among state-owned enterprises. GLP is a global leader in investment management and business innovation in logistics, fixed assets, infrastructure, finance and related technology, with assets over US$30 billion in China.     Representatives of China Merchants Capital and Qingdao City Construction Investment (Group) Limited joined the Fund's signing ceremony from Shenzhen.
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29 March 2021

Chinachem Group Teams Up with HKSTP to Accelerate Smart City Startup Development and Pilot-first Technology Adoption in Hong Kong

Chinachem Group (the Group) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) today announced the launch of two dedicated programmes to support startups in the smart city space and drive Hong Kong’s cutting-edge innovation.   This partnership between the Group and HKSTP, comprises two innovative initiatives designed to nurture property and retail startups, as well as reduce the gap between innovation and market deployment.   Donald Choi, Executive Director and CEO, Chinachem Group, said, “Technology is a core driver in our business and for the property industry. We are committed to not only harnessing it to benefit our business, but to also contributing to Hong Kong’s thriving innovation and technology ecosystem. We look forward to collaborating with HKSTP to create a virtuous cycle of collaboration, innovation and commercialisation in the property sector.”   Albert Wong, CEO, HKSTP, said “With Hong Kong being an evolving urban environment, it is important we nurture innovations that support its sustainable growth. This partnership with Chinachem Group is significant as it removes one of the biggest barriers startups face, which is the gap between innovation and commercialisation. This programme reduces the time to market through our proven startup accelerator framework, together with Chinachem Group’s sector-specific expertise and properties for pilot testing.”   The first initiative under this partnership is the “CCG Accel – Powered by HKSTP” programme, which will be a pioneering pilot-first accelerator programme aiming to propel high potential startups through a pilot-to-mass adoption process. The programme features a series of three themed accelerator cohorts run by both the Group and HKSTP. Each cohort will have a different theme and provide extensive training, mentorship and support for up to 10 shortlisted startups. In addition to financial contribution, the Group will offer its experience to help these startups shape their solutions and trial their solutions at designated properties prior to general adoption. Startups will also benefit from promotion through HKSTP’s network and its value-added services. The first cohort will begin by Q3 2021. Further details of the cohorts including the themes will be announced in due course.   The second initiative is the “Inno Place @CCG” programme which pioneers a “Living Lab” concept that breaks away from traditional innovation labs where the testing of solutions is restricted to a fixed physical lab space. The programme will see the opening up of Chinachem’s network of properties as “Innovation Places” where selected innovations are trialed, starting with NINA MALL in Tsuen Wan. This real-world environment will allow startups to pilot and refine their solutions, while users can immediately benefit from them.   Successful innovations from the two programmes may be further adopted or invested in by the Group. Meanwhile, HKSTP will provide its expertise and knowledge in innovation and technology commercialisation. This includes providing support in technology solution sourcing, validation, hosting small scale proof-of-concept pilots, as well as identifying co-investment opportunities with HKSTP and its investment partners.   This builds upon existing technology by innovators from the Science Park that have already been adopted by Chinachem Group in its properties. These include Titanology, innovator of a self-sanitising door handle; Enertainer, a high-capacity battery system offering a cleaner and quieter alternative to diesel generators commonly used on construction sites; and ACX, a developer of secure building access solutions.    The Group and HKSTP also share a vision to foster the growth of Smart City, bringing technology innovated, designed and made in Hong Kong, closer to the community at designated Chinachem Group properties. This includes a showroom to feature the smart city concept, as well as a place to host technology talks, hackathons, and product launches.   Chinachem Group Executive Director and CEO Donald Choi (3rd left); Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation CEO Albert Wong (3rd left); Belun Technology CEO Dr Lydia Leung (2nd left); Zeek Co-founder & CSO Vincent Fan (2nd right) ; Chinachem Group Director of Digital Transformation Damien Wu (1 st  left); and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation Head of Strategic Partnership Peter Mok (1 st  right), take group photo. Representatives from local startups Belun Technology CEO Dr Lydia Leung (2nd right) and Zeek Co-founder & CSO Vincent Fan (1st right)share their experience and challenges with Chinachem Group Director of Digital Transformation Damien Wu (1st left); and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation Head of Strategic Partnership Peter Mok (2nd right).  
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10 March 2021

Creating Places with Heart
Chinachem Group’s 60 Years of Progress Exhibition

Deeply rooted in Hong Kong, Chinachem Group has grown up alongside its home city for the past 60 years. From a small chemical products enterprise in 1960 to a major real estate developer today, the Group has gone through all Hong Kong’s ups and downs with its residents. To celebrate its 60th anniversary and a recent brand rejuvenation, the Group has organised the “Creating Places with Heart - Chinachem Group’s 60 Years of Progress” exhibition, showcasing the Group’s transformation from its roots in Hong Kong since the 1960s through various touchless and interactive exhibits.   The exhibition is divided into eight unique zones, which help visitors relive the significant milestones of Chinachem Group and Hong Kong in the past 60 years and understand how contemporary buildings can bring a positive impact to the community and the environment; they can also preview some smart features of our future homes. In addition, visitors will be able to preview a film being exhibited at the 17th International Venice Biennale of Architecture, and ponder on future technologies and how they impact our daily lives.   Creating Places with Heart – Chinachem Group’s 60 Years of Progress Exhibition  Date:       From now on until 31 August 2021 Time:      11:00 am to 8:00 pm  Venue:    The Moment, RM 201, 2/F, NINA MALL 1,               8 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories  Email Enquiries: ccg60@chinachemgroup.com Registration^:  www.ccg60.hk ^Owing to social distancing restrictions, there is a maximum capacity for the exhibition venue. Please register online before visiting. Visitors are also required to follow the epidemic prevention measures implemented in the venue.   Eight Exhibition Zones:   Other highlights:   Remembrance of the Good Old Days at NINA MALL In addition to the core exhibition at The Moment, a series of exhibits showcasing nostalgic items and 3D trick-art printings will be displayed at NINA MALL 1 & 2. Visitors can relive their collective memories of Hong Kong’s industrial and commercial development, as well as its changes in daily life over the past 60 years.     Neighbourhood Innovation Lab To explore how public space in Tsuen Wan can be activated through social innovation, Chinachem Group has collaborated with the Neighbourhood Innovation Lab to organise the “Neighbourhood Commons @ Tsuen Wan” project. Its aim is to explore the needs of various stakeholders in the district through a series of public activities, and thereby create a harmonious district where young and old can thrive alongside each other. Regular public discussion forums, workshops and guided tours will be held.
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18 March 2021

Chinachem Group makes HK$3.8 million matching donation for spinal cord injury relief following paraplegic’s epic climb of Nina Tower

New hope will soon be given to Hong Kong people with spinal cord injuries or associated mobility problems after Urban Climb 300M+, a charity climb of Nina Tower in January, organised by Ignite Community Services and fully supported by Chinachem Group (the Group), raised more than HK$7.7 million in total for the “Get up and Walk” programme run by the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). The total proceeds include over HK$3.8 million donations from the public and corporate donors, and a dollar-for-dollar matching donation pledged by the tower’s owner, Chinachem Group. The remarkable feat at the 320-metre-tall Tsuen Wan skyscraper was performed by paraplegic climber Lai Chi-wai who became the first wheelchair climber ascended a skyscraper.   A cheque for the Group’s matching donations of HK$3.8 million was presented to HKU today by Group CEO and Executive Director Donald Choi, during a special ceremony to say thank-you to business partners who made a donation and the many different parties involved in providing support for the climb, including Fire Services Department, consultant, staff members at Nina Tower, volunteers and, particularly, Lai Chi-wai, co-founder of Ignite Community Services and the climber.  The funds raised will be used to support Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology’s pioneering work in developing exoskeletons that can help paraplegics regain mobility, as well as other clinical services and research work to support the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries.   “Chinachem Group is strongly committed to community care and in particular, addressing the needs of minority groups and promoting inclusiveness,” Mr Choi told the guests.  “Lai Chi-wai’s achievement of climbing Nina Tower in a wheelchair was truly an inspirational feat, which we believe will encourage all Hong Kong people to maintain their spirit of persistence and never lose faith amid the challenging times.  We hope this donation can help more spinal injury sufferers obtain this kind of life-changing assistance.”   The Group’s donation was accepted by HKU’s Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Institutional Advancement) Professor Norman C Tien, who said “The University is so grateful to Ignite Community Services, and the challenge curator and climber, Mr Lai Chi Wai for partnering with us on this fundraising initiative.  We would like to thank the Chinachem Group and members of the public for their support of the ‘Get Up and Walk’ Campaign. The HKU Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology will have the resources to help patients deal with the aftermath of spinal cord injuries and make steps towards changing their future.”   Chair Professor and Head, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Jessie Ho Endowed Professorship in Spine Surgery Professor Kenneth MC Cheung gave a presentation about the project at the ceremony, where Lai gave the most vivid demonstration possible of what the donations can achieve by leaving his wheelchair and walking again on his own feet with the help of an exoskeleton.   The charity challenge on 16 January, Urban Climb 300M+, was initiated by Ignite Community Services, a non-profit-making organisation, as organiser and fund raiser, with Chinachem Group as lead partner.  Lai’s remarkable ten-hour climb of the tower, with his steadfast determination and using only the strength of his arms and upper body to haul himself up the ropes in his wheelchair, was made all the more challenging by strong winds and falling temperatures as the day wore on. Having achieved a height of more than 250m, he encouraged supporters and Hong Kong people to “Live your dream. Never settle”.     Chinachem Group Executive Director and CEO Donald Choi (3rd right); HKU’s Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Institutional Advancement) Professor Norman C Tien (4th left); Associate Vice-President (Development & Alumni Affairs) Bernadette Tsui (3rd left); Chair Professor and Head, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Jessie Ho Endowed Professorship in Spine Surgery Professor Kenneth MC Cheung (2nd left); and Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor Dr Paul Aarne Koljonen (1st left), take group photo with Co-founders of Ignite Community Services Lai Chi-wai (2nd right) and Stella Chiu (1st right).     Donors (Chinachem Group’s business partners) of “Get up and Walk” programme   1.       Centaline 2.       Hien Lee Engineering Co Ltd. 3.       Chevalier Group 4.       CR Construction Co., Ltd. 5.       DCB Company Ltd. 6.       Goldman Sachs 7.       Huns Engineering Co. Ltd. 8.       Midland Holdings  Ltd. 9.       Pretterior Works & Consultants Co., Ltd. 10.     Sheen King Curtain Wall Eng. Ltd. 11.     Sunley Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. 12.     Willis Hong Kong Ltd 13.     Ying Wah Construction Group Limited 14.     Arnlee Engineering Ltd. 15.     Artwell Printing Factory (HK) Ltd. 16.     Century 21 Group Limited 17.     Colliers International 18.     Cushman & Wakefield (HK) Limited 19.     Deacons 20.     Eight Partnership 21.     ENM Holdings Ltd. 22.     Gammon Construction Limited 23.     Green and Cycle Lighting Ltd. 24.     GYU Limited 25.     Howden Insurance Brokers (HK) Limited 26.     Knight Frank 27.     Miele (Hong Kong) Limited 28.     Ogilvy 29.     Paul Y. Engineering Group 30.     Savills (Hong Kong) Limited 31.     Sino Group 32.     Sonik Interiors Ltd. 33.     Sundart Timber Products Co. Ltd. 34.     Toplis and Harding (Hong Kong) Ltd. 35.     UBS AG 36.     Uni-China Management Limited 37.     Winnie Leung & Co. 38.     Yue Yi Laundry (Hong Kong) Limited
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With efforts in contributing to the various aspects of the society, the Group is well recognized in the industry through soliciting various awards and accolades.

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