30 April 2021
Public awareness of heritage conservation has increased dramatically in recent years. In addition to supporting the preservation of iconic landmarks, heritage conservation now also aims to repurpose these buildings and give them a new lease on life. At more than 80 years old, Hong Kong’s Central Market is a Grade III historic building. We are honoured to have signed an operational contract with the Urban Renewal Authority (URA), making a commitment to transform this historic site into a vibrant hub that is approachable, energetic and gregarious.

In addition to introducing local brands to promote creativity, we will be hosting a series of cultural and art events in the building including those from the French May Arts Festival. In doing so, we want to create a friendly, vibrant “Playground for All” to connect neighbours and blend old and new generations. Chinachem Group will also provide support to start-ups using the space while working with the URA to give back to society. In short, the building will be a place where values are shared, and a leading development of its kind.

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that we raised more than HK$7.7 million for the Urban Climb 300M+ event held at Nina Tower, with half of the funds donated by Chinachem Group on a dollar-for-dollar matching basis. The funds raised will go to the HKU O&T “Get up and Walk” programme.

Last but not least, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of Chinachem Group, an exhibition named Creating Places with Heart - Chinachem Group’s 60 Years of Progress Exhibition is being held. Don’t miss the opportunity to relive the significant milestones of Chinachem Group and Hong Kong as well as to peek into the future of a liveable city via various interactive installations.

Donald Choi
Executive Director and CEO
Chinachem Group