11 January 2021
This year we mark an important milestone for Chinachem Group — it’s our 60-year anniversary as a real estate developer. On this special occasion, it is important for us to continue to grow as a socially responsible and sustainable company.

That’s why we have launched a rebranding campaign, including the redesign of our company logo, to reflect our renewed value propositions. We aim to achieve a higher purpose in everything that we do, connecting and inspiring everyone we meet. That’s why we believe in the “3 Ps”: People, Prosperity and Planet.

Our operations are consistently informed by these value propositions, which are connected by the three concentric hearts that sit above our name. Their interwoven lines suggest a deep connection between these three concepts, and the colours suggest trustworthiness through the forest green, and human warmth through the gold.

And these values can only be achieved by our commitment to building liveable, innovative, sustainable and socially inclusive communities. Read on for some food for thought about what makes a city liveable and how these guiding principles guide our transformation journey.

Donald Choi
Executive Director and CEO
Chinachem Group