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14.10.2019 – 25.2.2020

Chinachem supports HKIA Architecture Exhibition in LA to shape cities

28 Aug 2019

Chinachem Group advocates her full supports on The L.A. Architecture Exhibition “Island__Peninsula”, which is organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Architects, with Create Hong Kong (CreateHK)of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the lead Sponsor.
Mr. Donald Choi, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, Chinachem Group says, ‘Architectures should be boundless, transcending beyond something greater than the uniqueness of Hong Kong culture and cityscape. Chinachem Group is continuously building and creating with the community at the very heart of its business. With Chinachem continuous contribution, Tsuen Wan has also transformed to a vibrant metropolitan. We create spaces for people to thrive in, sustainable value for people, society and future generations.’
The L.A. Architecture Exhibition “Island__Peninsula” will be staged in Los Angeles from 19 September to 2nd October. With the theme of “Island __Peninsula”, the exhibition aims to bring the unique Hong Kong Architecture to Los Angeles. The Exhibition is set to compare the contrasting city fabrics of Hong Kong and Los Angeles and to dissect the underlying 4 core values underneath the unique “Hong Kong-style” Architecture, namely “Glamor, Efficiency, Orderliness and Constant Change”, which give rise to the 14 ways of Hong Kong style Architecture.
A total of 16 exhibits will cover all sorts of development foundation of Hong Kong style Architecture and displayed in the form of “islands” and “peninsulas”. All exhibits are not only infiltrated with architectural elements, but also literature and new media art which make the exhibition extraordinary.
The “Island__Peninsula” exhibition will last for 2 weeks in Los Angeles and return to Hong Kong later this year. The local public will have the opportunity to indulge in the “Island__Peninsula” by getting in touch with and understanding the innovative design of the architectural art pieces.

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