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14.10.2019 – 25.2.2020

L'hotel Nina Chefs Feted at HKICC Awards

25 May 2017

L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre, a member of Chinachem Group, bagged two awards at the Hong Kong International Culinary Classic (HKICC) 2017. Fifteen chefs from Café Circles at L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre have been singled out for the HKICC awards in the past decade. This feat is even more outstanding considering that 90% of the participating chefs from Café Circles are newcomers to the industry.


This year, Chef Liu Lee Bun's Trio Chicken Set Meal won the silver prize for Organic Whole Chicken under the Modern Chinese Cuisine Challenge Hot Cooking category. Chef Wong Wai Chau's Quartet of Crispy Funs also caught the judges' eyes and was awarded the silver prize for Creative Appetiser under the category of Creative Appetizer of Modern Chinese Cuisine Challenge Hot Cooking.


Since their early days in 1987, HOFEX and HKICC have grown to become one of the most anticipated biennial events for industry professionals in Hong Kong, where they can showcase their culinary talents and share their experience within the regional culinary community. The HKICC, which was held from 8 to 11 May during HOFEX 2017, is one of only a few culinary competitions endorsed by the World Association of Chefs Societies in Asia.

Trio Chicken Set Meal

Trio Chicken Set Meal

Quartet of Crispy Funs

Quartet of Crispy Funs

of 3

Trio Chicken Set Meal
Quartet of Crispy Funs

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